As many people and businesses are doing this time of year, I’d also like to do a little 2016 recap of our Wedding Recycle community and share with you the wonderful things we did this year…and all we’re planning for next year!

2016 was like planning my wedding…equal parts exciting, exhausting, exhilarating and stressful!  Ha!  Anyone else experience those roller-coaster emotions? Seriously, it’s an amazing journey and we can’t wait to bring you all the new and exciting things planned for 2017!

Awesome amazing achievements in 2016!

  • redesigned site launched in January 2016
    • fixed the shipping issues with the redesigned site in April 2016
  • #BraggingBride contest – special thanks to Buy The Change and Tuli for their incredible partnership and support!
  • collaborated with All Things Wedding Utah to create Artisans, our community of awesome creators and their gorgeous handmade products
  • collaborated with Simply Jaime to create Wedding Recycle Concierge (watch for that to launch in January!)
  • increased our social media presence by leaps and bounds (thanks Jami & Misty for all your incredible work this year!)
  • Guest bloggers from all over North America – like Dawn Roscoe from Chicago, IL; Krista Tovell from London, ON; Brendan Nogue and Wishahmon from Calgary, AB; Danielle Calhoun from Florida…the list goes on and on!

What are we planning for 2017?

  • brand new Wedding Recycle homepage with a place to Search all listings right from the first click!
  • guest appearances on various podcasts (have a podcast you think we should check out?  Let us know HERE!)
  • Can’t Buy Me Love Project BOGO event – we have an incredible online event planned where we’ll be giving away FREE WEDDING DRESSES!  Watch our bi-weekly newsletter for more info (not receiving our newsletter yet?  Sign up HERE)
  • Wedding Recycle Ambassador’s Program – are you a raving fan of Wedding Recycle and already tell all your friends about us?  How would you like to earn a little money at the same time?  Watch our newsletter for more about our Ambassador’s Program coming early in the year!

Thank you again for all your support, shares, posts and photos.  It’s been a pleasure serving you, our community, and we look forward to continued love and support for 2017!


All the best,

Lindsay & the Wedding Recycle team



Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay Recknell co-founded Wedding Recycle out of pure necessity…the fifteen centerpiece vases on the living room floor had got to go! But finding a targeted audience to sell them to was the tricky part – not just anyone wanted fifteen fish bowls for their home. Thus Wedding Recycle was born – a place to connect with other new newlyweds and recently engaged couples, sharing ideas, and décor, with each other. Lindsay has always been an entrepreneur, a multi-dimensional self-starter prone to acts of randomness and dynamic ventures in her life. In addition to consulting as a data analyst during her “day job”, Lindsay’s role at Wedding Recycle is everything – business development, content creation, media correspondent and community liaison. If you contact Wedding Recycle, it’s likely you’ll get a response from Lindsay first and from that moment, you’ll understand and experience the passion, dedication, joy and motivation she has for the Wedding Recycle community and the wedding industry itself.

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