It was 19 years ago that both Bruce and I both ended up at a party that neither of us were supposed to be at…we had never crossed paths before, he was from Ontario and I am an island girl through and through. Looking back now, the Universe was working its magic. I was immediately attracted to his infectious smile, his playful attitude….and he was SOOO cute!! We have been together ever since that pivotal night….as they say, the rest is history.

In 2001 we stood in front of the most important people in our lives, we pledged to each other that we would stand with each other “For better or for worse.” On that day all we could see was the better side of that…the home, the kids, travel, laughs, fortune. We had no idea how much was coming our way. We have so much to celebrate, 3 beautiful, healthy, happy children. A home that is truly our sanctuary. We have the most supportive, amazing families. Bruce has shown me the world through his adventurous eyes. He makes me laugh all the time, often I am laughing at him but he is okay with that, lol. We are blessed beyond measure, but with all the good comes challenges that are there to try and break you, where you truly need to dig deep and show the world what you are made of.

When I look back on this journey I am most surprised and proud of how much a strong, real, true love can take on and not only survive but thrive! With every disagreement, challenge, birth, death, misstep, celebration we CHOOSE to stay, fight and love. I trust Bruce, his love makes me feel secure, safe and like I can conquer the world. We have spent almost 2 decades of our lives together, we are two different people, with different backgrounds, stories, different thoughts and opinions. Why would we ever have thought that we would always see eye to eye? There have been numerous times when life, hardships, stress and pure exhaustion has brought me to a place where I wanted to quit, should it be this hard? My thoughts always come back to this….anything of true importance and value in your life is worth the work. We wake up every single day and choose each other, we choose this LOVE, we consciously CHOOSE this CRAZY life….

Last March our greatest challenge came with a Breast Cancer diagnosis for me….our entire world froze in an instance. Through fears, tears and uncertainty we grabbed each others hands and dove into a battle that would change our entire family forever.

This year of healing has made us appreciate each other more than ever before, we have total gratitude for all that God had provided us. We no longer (or very rarely) take each other for granted. I believe with my whole heart I am alive and winning this FIGHT today because we did this together. He held my heart, safe and secure, when I needed him most. He never doubted that I would come out the other side if this. Our family is united and stronger than ever.I would not be the woman I am today without every single exciting moment of our story. Bruce is my husband, my best friend, my cheerleader, my soul mate, the father of my children. He is the first one I turn to to share my successes and he was the one I wanted by my hospital bed. I know he is here with me for the long haul, for better or for worse. That is an amazing gift.

When my story is done and told one day, I want my kids to look back and see a REAL story of love, no bells and whistles. Two people who set aside their egos and insecurities and chose trust and strength instead. Two people who never gave up on each other, who CHOSE each other every single day and created a life full of breathtaking moments.

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away”


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