When I was a little girl & into my preteen years I (like many girls out there) dreamed of when & who I’d get married to. In my mind 20 was a good marrying age, little did I know that I’d have my prayers answered. Not quite seven months after graduating high school I’d meet (kind of, he first saw me I didn’t see him at that point) my husband at a Christmas party at our church at the time.

Let me explain…it was December 18th 2012, I initially didn’t want to go to the party but a friend of mine was determined I needed to go (thanks Sarah!) everyone was dressed up, the food was passed out, well little did I know that my future love was watching me stuff my face with lasagna (at least he saw the real me lol!) anyway, the night went on and by the time he had worked up the courage to talk to me I’d gone home because I had work early the next day!

Oh dear!

Fast Forward to New Years Eve, I was working at a local coffee shop and in walks this hunky handsome guy, who buys coffee and ends up hanging out with me for SEVEN hours! & helped me close up! After I was off he asked what I was doing that evening & after calling my dad and finding out I’d be faced with poker lessons I agreed to hang out with him! We drove around, looked at Christmas lights, ate taco bell & saw a super cheesy Bond movie but essentially the rest is history!

Here I am newly 22, wife, mama to our angels & almost 10 month old son & we are about to celebrate our 2 year anniversary in June. I never thought at 16 NOT getting asked out would pay off but boy did it!

Unlike me, God knew what I needed & when. For that I am so, so thankful!

Answered Prayers

Becca Durlin

Becca Durlin is a self described Believer, Wife, & Mama. Colorado dweller. Her sweet hubby & son have captured her heart. ​Blogging with a baby on her lap, sharing beauty loves, tips and secrets. ​All stirred in with real life and real faith. Make sure and follow along with all the happenings from their hive!

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