“Getting engaged was harder”

For me, getting engaged was harder than getting married. I’m not really sure why, but I think it was the first step in the grieving process of letting my single-hood go and growing into a married women. Marriage was important to me as it signified moving from one time of my life into something new. The ritual of everything to do with the wedding was just as important as the ritual of showing love everyday now that we are married.

Now that we’ve been married for almost 2 years, that hasn’t changed. I wouldn’t have changed anything about my wedding day but my view of marriage has evolved. I now believe that you have a choice. I love everything about my husband as a person so being in love within is the easy part, but showing that love everyday as everyday challenges arise, is the hard part. Being so close to someone, being exposed in sharing the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves and of course the brightest and best parts of ourselves, helps us become better people. We are constantly keeping each other in check, encouraging each other to work towards highest potential as individuals. This would probably still happen if we had not gone through the ritual of tying the knot, but I really believe that we both have more of an investment in each other’s happiness as a married couple. If we weren’t married, we may not chose to figure out ways to get through those challenging times and continually help refine each other.



“A teammate on your side”

I could talk forever about marriage and how I love the relationship I have with my wife, but it all comes down to knowing that no matter what life throws at you (or what your wife throws at you), you always have a teammate on your side to deal with it.