Seven years of marriage and still no way out. When we argue, we make up without trying ‘WIN’ the argument so I can’t leave on that account.  When I mess up I say I’m sorry and when she makes a mistake she is quick to apologize so I can’t hold that against her. When someone is against me, she still continues to have my back.  She will support me versus anyone including  Mom, Dad, siblings and close friends.  I am number one, and that’s over our son!  Yes, that’s right she won’t even choose our son over me!  How do you get out of a marriage where you wife always puts you first? Where she gives you undying encouragement?  Where she supports your need to have guy-time and/or watch the game?  You don’t leave that!  You don’t walk away from that!  And you can’t quit on that! Why would you?!

The worst part about being married seven years is despite my body changes, she still finds me sexy.  Wait, did I say worst?  I meant best.  Yes this is a sarcasm based message.  But there is one thing that is true for a successful marriage.  Great Sex.  I mean great communication.  (Who typed that?)  Don’t cross out that sex part it’s important too!