From the very first moment he saw me, he fell in love. He remembered me from lives past. The first words he spoke to me were “You have my Favourite Face.”

He caught my attention with his alluring eyes, but it was his hug that drew me in. When my heart edged in closer to his heart, something happened to my nervous system. Almost like my nerves exhaled for the first time ever. There was a visceral shift in the core of my being and the nucleus of my every cell snuggled closer to his.

He ran around that week telling people that he loved me and that he would make me his bride. We had just met and we were in an other-worldly playground for grown-ups. Many say it’s their “favourite place on earth,” even though it barely resembles planet Earth. Those who heard his proclamations of instant love thought it was part of the fantasy-like existence that is Burning Man.

Little did we all know he was serious, until the following year at Burning Man. One year and one day from the day we met, he recruited our friends to lay themselves down on the ground known as “The Playa” to spell out his proposal to me with their bodies.


Proposal(His proposal mapped out on the earth. Thank you to our dear friends for co-creating our love story)

(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)

A gifted pilot, he took me for a ride in a plane to look down at the message waiting for me. This is how he proposed. There are Fairy Tales that read like this, but this is my real life story.

First Kiss so stoked!

(See the photo story DJ Pierce captured from our engagement here)

I quickly learned the rules of Canadians staying in the US and organized my life so that I could spend as much time as possible with him. And once I landed in the US for what was to be an extended visit we found out that if we got married then, I could stay! We wanted to invite you all, but there wasn’t time and we decided to do it our way, a little bit different than the standard path. In four quick days, we found the perfect quiet beach just north of Malibu, a simple white dress and a dear friend to prepare and serve an artfully delicious multi-course meal. Only our immediate families came for our October 25th, 2013 wedding.

(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)
(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)
(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)
(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)

It was perfectly romantic and unique.

We had our siblings officiate and everyone played a role in the ceremony. We shed some tears when my little brother called in my father’s Spirit to join us in the circle.

Looking into each other’s eyes, we took turns expressing the many beautiful things we appreciate about each other. We made the most romantic and heartfelt promises. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other.

(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)

We were able to truly connect with each and every person present. Each of our family members did their best to share a story, pour appreciation and love onto us and give us their sage advice.We told each other that we’d keep it a secret and planned to do it all over again so we could share it with you, yet now we see just how perfect it was. Sacred, intimate, ceremonious and sweet. I almost don’t want to tell you any more about it because it’s our own little secret moment of pure love and bliss. But we will. We’ll throw a party. We’re not sure where or when exactly, but we’ll do it. We love you and we want to celebrate our love with you. KMO_0453KMO_0623KMO_0673

(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)

Here I am a married woman. Jana Renee Roemer. I LOVE my new name. I haven’t mastered my new signature, yet I LOVE how it feels. Each morning, when the alarm goes off, my man wraps his arms around me and starts to list things he’s grateful for. He hugs me tight and sprinkles kisses on my face and I feel like I’m floating away. He’s so generous with his appreciation and love for me, I could never forget how loved I am. It’s a dream, in real life.

I didn’t know love like this existed. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much. I didn’t know I could LIKE hanging out with one human so much. I didn’t know a man could be so soft and romantic, yet still a MAN. I didn’t know what people meant when they said “When you know, you know.”

But trust me. When you know, you know! It’s so true.


(Photo credits: DJ Pierce)

Note: You may have noticed the guy with the guitar in one of the pictures. He’s Mark’s good friend and musician, Greg Williams aka ‘RootHub.’ He came with his guitar and serenaded us with his sweet sounds. He also started the telling of our secret wedding only days after at a small house concert when he dedicated this completely relevant love song to us. Click HERE to listen to a live recording of the moment & song and then Mark explaining after to our friends at the concert about our secret wedding!! So cute. If you want to check him out more click here.



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