I met Ty almost 3 years ago on a night out with friends. Pretty quickly after we went on a few dates I knew he was someone special. He was very respectful of me and was always a gentleman. He genuinely cared and was interested in making my day to day life better right from the start. He would do little things like fix a door at my condo that wouldn’t close properly or call me before bed when I told him I was going somewhere just to make sure I made it home okay.  At the time, we lived in different cities, and it was difficult to see each other only on weekends but we felt it was worth the extra effort. Before long, Ty ended up moving and we got engaged 2 days before Christmas the year after we met! Ty always wants me to feel and be my best. He makes me feel like everything is possible just because I’m me. We have so much fun together and his spontaneous, fun loving personality brings out the best in me. Knowing that he’ll be with me for any challenges I will face in life makes me so feel so comforted and happy. I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world!