When we went for our pre-marital counselling, we were administered a compatibility survey that was supposed to highlight any issues that we might want to talk about before getting married. Mine came back saying that I had “unrealistic expectations for marriage” – well what a load of crock – being married to Alexis these past 12 years left those expectations in the dust. So, take that, compatibility survey people!

The truth is, I think there’s something powerful about having “unrealistic expectations.” Sure, marriage isn’t all a dream with fluffy clouds and ice-cream, it’s two people stumbling through life together as best they can. But I figure I might as well stumble through it with the expectation that it will be a wonderful ride and, you know what, it just might turn out to be as good as I thought – its worked so far 🙂

Actually, I think there’s something a bit deeper going on here – the “unrealistic expectations” maybe helped me look past a cloudy patch to the sunny side that inevitably awaited us on the other side. I think it helps keep us from getting bogged down in a cloudy patch and just getting stuck in there.

Here’s to being unrealistic!