I knew Ty was the guy I was going to marry when after just a couple of weeks of dating, he demonstrated just what kind of a guy he is. We lived in Laramie, Wyoming and had just had a crazy winter snow storm. My Trans Am was completely buried in a snow bank and I knew there was no way I was going to be able to dig myself out and go over and see him after my dinner shift at the brewery  I worked at.  I walked the one block home from work in the snow and called him from my apartment telling him I wasn’t going to be able to make it as my car was buried. He said “No, it’s not. I came over and dug it out earlier”. Looking out the window, my car was completely cleaned off, and cleared to exit. He thought about me, before I ever did. I told him that night I loved him.

We are blessed with a solid marriage built on mutual respect, honesty, loyalty and old fashioned ideals of what we feel a strong marriage should be about:  give and take, understanding, acceptance and **LOTS** of love and laughter. Ty makes me laugh – I mean **REALLY** laugh, at least once a day. He also waltzes me around our kitchen on an almost daily occasion, and still makes me feel special a decade after our first date. We are very much Ying and Yang. I float waaay above earth, and Ty has his feet planted solidly on the ground. I keep him on his toes and he keeps me tethered to the earth. I am a dreamer. He is a realist. But yet, he totally supports me chasing my dreams and doing what I do to make them come true. I truly feel like our marriage has gotten even better as we’ve grown together and as a family. We are very lucky in love and in life.