I think my marriage works because my wife and I both have a deep desire and commitment to make our marriage a huge success.  Despite our differences, my wife and I both work on ways to allow each other to enjoy, and get as much out of our relationship as possible.  With Love, passion, understanding, trust, communication, and respect we have learned to accept each other for whom, and what we are without question.  I believe that the more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it will become, so to me marriage was more than just finding the right person; it was also being the right person.  My wife and I both approach our marriage with the others best interest being our first priority, and our own personal gain or satisfaction as something that will inevitably happen as a result.  In short, my wife and I work at our marriage.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like work, and other days it can be grueling and tiresome.  But our ability to recognize and cherish the easy days, and our desire to be the one who helps the other through the hard ones, is what gives me the confidence that one day I will look my wife in the eyes and say, “has it really been fifty years?”.