We have been together for almost 40 years.

It has not always been easy but the good memories certainly outweigh the difficult. Besides our wonderful children and now their spouses and children, the glue that seemed to hold us together were five simple words that we found when we were young, naive, and so much in love.

*I love you, I need you, I respect you, I want you, and I am going to marry you.*

Over the years we have signed our cards and added this little intimate (5) knowing what this provides for our life in the past, present and the years to come.



We said certain words to each other the day we wed. At the time those words were but a script that we memorized to get use through the 30 minute ceremony. As the years passed and we experienced all that life threw at us those words distilled into the five words that we said to each other as teenagers and we still recite today.

*I love you, I want you, I need you, I respect you and I want to marry you.*

If asked today , “would I ?” I would say absolutely I would marry you all over again for another 40 years.