Naturally when we hear “Destination Wedding”, we immediately think of white sand beaches, sun, cocktails, and All-Inclusive resorts. They are certainly the “Go-to” for combining the wedding and the honeymoon together. However there are several, more unique options to consider, especially when it comes to honeymoons!

Have you ever considered Africa? Both the Canadian and US dollar have a great conversion and it’s not as expensive as you would think!

I recently spent 14 days in South Africa visiting Johannesburg, Cape Town, Krugar National Park at a Safari lodge for 3 days, and Victoria Falls in Zambia / Zimbabwe. When you visit, I guarantee you will never want to come home! Let the photos speak for themselves

Johannesburg – Soweto


This is a tuck shop in Soweto. These people have next to nothing but are incredibly rich in life. You could feel the love radiating from the families and residents of the slums to the strangers meandering through their neighourhoods.

Cape Town and the Coast – Table Mountain

The beauty, tranquility, history, and culture of the Cape and the Coast will steal a piece of your heart forever. Enjoy this live web-cam broadcast of Table Mountain

Penguins of Boulder Beach

These little guys live on a protected beach in part of the Table Mountain National Park area called Boulders Beach. With its wind sheltered bays and safe sandy shores, is home to a breeding colony of over 2000 endangered African Penguins.

Cape of Good Hope

Enjoy an iconic moment at the most South-Western point of South Africa and while at the Cape of Good Hope, be sure to have your photo taken!

Krugar National Park – Lion Sands Safari Lodges

Enjoy a night under the stars when you stay at the Lion Sands Narina.

In this outdoor, romantic escape, you are suspended beneath the Milky Way, over the African plains below – all on your own, equipped with a two-way radio to reach the lodge if anything is needed. You arrive at sunset to a scrumptious picnic dinner, and spend the hours of dusk watching the animal that surrounds you transform from daylife to nightlife. These treehouses are ideal as a wedding or anniversary treat! In it’s secluded tranquility, you are treated like royalty. Sip from a glass of fine South African wine and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature as you relax and fall asleep under the stars listening to the sounds of Africa.


Of course, if this outdoor experience is not for you, I can personally guarantee that their 5 star luxury lodges will be! The treehouse experience is an additional upgrade to your regular lodge stay.


During day and while on your Safari, you will have the opportunity to scout for the “Big 5” (Lions, Hippos, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and White Rhinos). It’s an incredible experience when you get within feet of these magnificent creatures.




Enjoy the beautiful Victoria Falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia as each side has something unique to offer. And while making the border crossing, why not take some time to bungee jump off the bridge into the gorge, be propelled by zip-line across the gorge or fly high in a full-body suite on the gorge swing – Each unique opportunity will leave you breathless and your adrenaline pumping. Of course, if these activities do not interest you, just take in the stunning scenery.


And when in Zambia, be sure to Live On The Edge and experience the Devil’s pool! It’s not every day you get to sit on the edge of a waterfall, and if you’re lucky, during certain times of the year you can! I’ll always wonder though, who in their right mind decided they wanted to swim to the edge of the falls in the first place? This truly was an incredible experience! I was sitting on the edge of a waterfall, inches away from the 110m drop!



And while you’re living on the wild side of things, why not try the Zimbabwe delicacy – the Mopame Worm, which is high in nutrients and contains three times the amount of protein as beef! Enjoy dinner (and the mopame worm) and immerse yourself in a true African cultural experience at the BOMA dinner. You’ll even get a souvenir certificate!…and Yes, I did eat the worm! When in Zimbabwe, do like they do, right? It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I truly mean “once”.


If Africa has been pulling at your heartstrings to go, then do it! Don’t wait. It doesn’t have to be a once in a life-time journey. And if you want to bring your children along, there are several tour operators who work with families, however most safari adventures are recommended for children over the age of 6.

Interested? Reach out to Tovell Travel or your local travel agent to put together you memorable honeymoon experience to South Africa. Africa doesn’t have to be a bucket-list destination.


Krista Tovell

HELLO…My Name is Krista Tovell and travel is in my blood. If i am not the one having an adventure or trip of a lifetime, I want to live through you! I am going to ensure that every aspect of your vacation is covered and that it goes off without a hitch! From arrival to departure, I’ll attend to your travel needs so that your trip goes smoothly! Whether you are traveling to South Africa, Great Britain, Canada, or anyplace else, I want to be the one to plan your luxury safari tour, rail vacation, or motor coach tour. I can also personalize your travel itinerary to fit your travel needs and budget. I have personally traveled across Canada by Plane, Train, Automobile and Motorcoach. I have been to Great Britain on multiple occasions and I recently spent 14 days in South Africa doing site inspections of the safari camps, city hotels, tour operators, and terrain.

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