All the wedding planning seems to start out centering around the bride’s outfit, the venue and the hundreds of other details.  But don’t forget about the groom!  Men are more than ever in tune with their apparel, grooming and presentation and on their wedding day it should be no different.  Weddings nowadays don’t have to be the one-time black & white tuxedo suit rental.  Many grooms will get a custom suit made that he can wear again for later formal events or for business requirements.  Or go with a totally different color casual suit or vest choice that works for the wedding theme.  Dress it up with a hat.  And if it’s going to be a summer or beach wedding, forgo the hot stuffy total suit ensemble and choose a dress shirt with suspenders or a loose, flowing dress shirt instead.

Let’s focus on him and start with one of the newest (and a bit controversial) trends.  The Mengagement Ring-some brides will propose to their guy with a ring, rather than have him wait to pop the question to her.  It can be used as a wedding band after the marriage ceremony, switching it to the ring finger afterwards.  Or get matching wedding bands and move the engagement ring to his right hand afterwards.  If your guy is this type of jewelry-loving guy, go for it!

GIFTS FOR THE GROOM-traditionally the bride gave her groom a watch as a wedding gift.  But today, anything goes…cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, chains, earrings, key chains, or money clips.

Or go for something light-hearted. has hundreds of GROOM items, from t-shirts to belts, ball caps, mugs, luggage tags, belt buckles, lighters, phone cases, drinkware, car accessories and office products.

Bow Tie or Regular Tie? Vest or Not?  Some guys looking forward to dressing up in the full kit-cravats-others wouldn’t be caught dead, strangled by the “noose” necktie all day long.  He should not be uncomfortable or not look like himself on the most special day of his life.  Chic Vintage Brides has some great inspirational photos for letting the men’s personalities shine through and embracing different vintage styles.  But splurging on a nice new pair of dress shoes or loafers from Shoespie is totally acceptable.

Boutonniere Choices:  Not always necessary, but can be formal, rustic, fresh or artificial.  Sometimes the groom matches the best men, or if he is already wearing a different outfit (and standing out) they can all match.  Usually the groom’s flowers are repeated from the bride’s bouquet and the best men from the bridemaids.


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Janice Murray

Janice is an old soul in the wedding industry. She worked in retail, selling wedding gowns and renting tuxedos. After that she started her own business creating custom wedding favors and artificial flowers, and hiring out as a wedding decorator. In 2000, when the wedding industry was just finding the Internet, Janice started her own theme wedding website, “ASK GINKA”. The successful resource site ran for 10 years until life and kids took her away from devoting enough time to it. Her university background in Clothing & Textiles and Theatre Design was a great foundation for these activities. When it is all put together, Janice has a wide range of knowledge and experience in this industry-and has been married 25+ years to her sweetheart, Mark. This is the first year Janice has been working with Wedding Recycle. She is involved in sales, marketing, writing and event planning, and she is very excited to be back in the wedding industry.

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