As wedding trends evolve, I’ve noticed a particular movement towards bringing signage into wedding ceremonies and receptions for many purposes including giving directions, giving guests a message or even just a “Thanks for being here” gesture. The wedding sign ranges from “shabby chic” to marquee style elegance and depending on your wedding theme, one of these might be just the ‘sign’ you’ve been waiting for…

Seating arrangements are moving away from the traditional “Bride’s Side” and “Groom’s Side” and incorporating fun new ways to tell the guests to take a seat where they please- after all, we’re all here to celebrate the union of both people, right?

For those who enjoy the burlap accents (and there are so many of you!), you may like this nicely painted sign for your guestbook table:

wedding sign

Having an outdoor ceremony in a park, field or out of town? Guests will appreciate signage along the traffic area directing them where to go like these arrows pointing guests in the right direction, a wooden “thank you” sign, or these rustic, wood, “ceremony” and “drinks” and “bad moves” signs.

wedding sign

Or you can design your own signs with these rustic chalkboards or frames in different sizes! These chalkboards are really cool (and customizable!) as is this window frame & twine seating chart.

Many venues no longer allow flower petals and confetti to be used as they cause quite a mess to clean up later. Instead of having your flower girls throw handfuls of petals or the like, how about having them hold a sign for the groom and guests to see?  We love this “Here Comes The Bride” sign and how cute is this cute and funny cake-related one?

wedding sign


Or hanging it from, or on, tables, trees, posts or between chairs?  Have to love this white burlap banner announcing the dance floor, or how about this shabby-chic hanging banner. And don’t forget the versatility of these Mickey & Minnie-themed signs you could use for photos or table props.

wedding sign

The message is loud and clear- weddings are a day full of love, laughter and fun with the people who mean most to you in life. Adding little accents here and there are just another way to make your day memorable for everybody for years to come.

Wedding season has begun and is promising to be beautiful and sunny and full of the most wonderful memories! Happy planning!

Chelsea Roy