Arielle Godfrey!!!!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our #StyleYourDress contest, proudly presented by Wedding Recycle and Ash & Light of New York City.  Many people entered the contest but there can only be one winner…Arielle Godfrey!  Congratulations Arielle!!

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Arielle has won a fabulous dress designed by the amazing designers at Ash & Light as well as a customized Styling Party for her and her fab friends, where they’ll all learn some great tips and tricks to pairing the best pieces with the best outfits so they’ll look their best in any occasion.  Congrats to them all!



Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay Recknell co-founded Wedding Recycle out of pure necessity…the fifteen centerpiece vases on the living room floor had got to go! But finding a targeted audience to sell them to was the tricky part – not just anyone wanted fifteen fish bowls for their home. Thus Wedding Recycle was born – a place to connect with other new newlyweds and recently engaged couples, sharing ideas, and décor, with each other. Lindsay has always been an entrepreneur, a multi-dimensional self-starter prone to acts of randomness and dynamic ventures in her life. In addition to consulting as a data analyst during her “day job”, Lindsay’s role at Wedding Recycle is everything – business development, content creation, media correspondent and community liaison. If you contact Wedding Recycle, it’s likely you’ll get a response from Lindsay first and from that moment, you’ll understand and experience the passion, dedication, joy and motivation she has for the Wedding Recycle community and the wedding industry itself.

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