Our community of Wedding Recycle Artisans is going to grow like crazy in 2017 and we can’t wait!  Through our blog each week, we’ll introduce you to one of our fabulous Artisans, someone with a unique and incredible passion for creating and selling their handmade products.

This week, please meet Dylan Jahraus, owner and creator of Begonia Rose. Co. Dylan makes gorgeous floral letters, chandeliers, mobiles and more!

floral letters

What is your business name?
My store’s name is Begonia Rose Co. When brainstorming for a business name I wanted something fresh, floral, and something that sounded beautiful.

What do you create?
I create floral letters and chandeliers/mobiles using silk flowers and artificial greenery and succulents. These creations are custom-made to match your color theme and inspiration. They are large in size, either 19″ or 24″ tall (I can customize the size, too). I have also made custom floral hearts, custom monogram sets (example: an “S & J” for “Sarah and Joe”). The best part is that this floral decor will last forever and you can repurpose it as home decor, nursery decor, or party decorfor years to come.

Why did you start your business and how did you choose what to make?

I am a military spouse living in Southern California. My professional background is in ecommerce, and there weren’t many opportunities in Southern California, so I created my own! I was recently married and I had done all of the own florals for my own wedding, from the bouquets to the centerpieces to the floral letter that I created for our seating card table. The floral letter was a huge hit at our wedding, so I decided to try selling them on Etsy. The floral letters expanded into floral mobiles/chandeliers, floral frames, floral hearts, and more. I love creating custom pieces to celebrate special milestones.

If there’s one thing you’d love your customers to know about you, what would it be?

I genuinely love creating each custom piece and I put a lot of care into the process. Before I ship out a custom item I check how it will photograph on camera, and if it needs any adjustments I make those before shipping. I always put myself in my customers’ shoes, and I want to make sure to exceed their expectations. The best part is when I hear back from a customer who receives their item and is super excited and thrilled with the results.


Click HERE to purchase one of these gorgeous letters from Begonia Rose Co. 🙂

floral letters floral letters floral letters floral letters floral letters

Lindsay Recknell

Lindsay Recknell co-founded Wedding Recycle out of pure necessity…the fifteen centerpiece vases on the living room floor had got to go! But finding a targeted audience to sell them to was the tricky part – not just anyone wanted fifteen fish bowls for their home. Thus Wedding Recycle was born – a place to connect with other new newlyweds and recently engaged couples, sharing ideas, and décor, with each other. Lindsay has always been an entrepreneur, a multi-dimensional self-starter prone to acts of randomness and dynamic ventures in her life. In addition to consulting as a data analyst during her “day job”, Lindsay’s role at Wedding Recycle is everything – business development, content creation, media correspondent and community liaison. If you contact Wedding Recycle, it’s likely you’ll get a response from Lindsay first and from that moment, you’ll understand and experience the passion, dedication, joy and motivation she has for the Wedding Recycle community and the wedding industry itself.

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