When you’re planning a destination wedding, you really don’t have too much to worry about, especially if you’re using a travel agent and the onsite resort planner. This of course leaves you plenty of time to plan your STAG and STAGETTE! More and more people are venturing out of the city to have a good time to celebrate their engagement and are inviting their closest friends and relatives along for the good time. Today we are going to focus on the best STAG vacations.

TovellTravel2Get off the Grid

Go outdoors and welcome a break from the madness of wedding planning.  Find yourself and your guy friends in the middle of nature – no running water, no cell phones, no every day comforts of home.  Grab the cooler, fill it with your favourite bevvies, pick up some steaks for dinner and then hit the national or provincial park for a great camping experience!

TovellTravel3Make a Date with Lady Luck

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (just don’t get into too much trouble!)  Sin city is best known for its high stakes gambling, amazing fine dining, luxury hotels and endless entertainment options.  Enjoy some drinks as you gamble; or Walk The Strip and enjoy the street-side performances and shows such as the spectacular Bellagio Water show.  Evening entertainment options are endless with everything from world famous music performers to magicians and Cirque du Soleil shows.   If you’re looking to explore a little and want a day away from the excitement, take a day trip to the Grand Canyon and live on the edge as you walk out over the canyon on the glass floor.

TovellTravel4Tee Off with a Golf Vacation

Grab your buddies and your clubs and hit the greens!  Gold vacations are another obvious go-to for a bachelor party getaway.  Aside from the obvious Florida hotspots, be sure to check out Mexico (Los Cabos or the Mayan Riviera), which is gaining popularity.  Your travel agent can help you find the best resort within your budget.  Most All-Inclusive resorts that offer golf will also include the green fees.  A cart is usually mandatory and is typically an additional fee.  However, your travel agent can help you find the perfect resort that has one included.  As you gold, take in and enjoy the lush landscapes, but don’t let it distract you too much from dreams of a your hole-in-one!


Pack your bags, grab your keys, and hit the roads!  Let the steering wheel guide you as you enjoy quality time with the guys.  The possibilities are endless – drive south and soak up the sun, hit the coast and surf the waves, venture through the Rockies and cruise past glaciers or be dwarfed by red-rock canyons and vast deserts in Nevada.

TovellTravel6All-in for an All-Inclusive

Why not give your STAG party a tropical flavour?  Some resorts are now offering packages tailored to guy-only getaways, with great amenities and activities for you to say farewell to your days as a single man.  Enjoy a private culinary experience, daily golf, or adrenaline pumping activities like surfing or zip-lining.  Combine these activities with VIP treatment package and you’ll feel like royalty.

TovellTravel7Head out on the Open Seas

Charter boat companies offer deep-sea fishing excursions and are a great way to spend time with the guys. Let the guides take you to the hot spots frequented by the locals, crack open a bevvie and enjoy the sunshine on your back and the excitement of reeling in a Black Marline, Tuna or Sturgeon.
It doesn’t matter how you spend your last single days with your buddies, they will no doubt help in making memories that will last a lifetime (But if you can’t remember anything the next morning, we won’t blame you!)


Krista Tovell

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