Grab The Attention of Buyers by Tweaking One Small Element of Your Ad!

Grab The Attention of Buyers by Tweaking One Small Element of Your Ad!

Hint: It Doesn’t Have to Be the Price 🙂

A week ago I went to a marketing conference (I know, I’m a business nerd!).  It was a fantastic experience and I learned a schwack.  Why should you care?  Because a bunch of the things I learned can help you sell your wedding items quickly at excellent prices and I’m going to share them with you.

We spent an entire intensive day of training on copywriting. A few years back, I used to think copywriting was how big companies try to protect their songs and movies from piracy. Turns out I was thinking of “copyright” not “copywriting” – which is simply the text on an advertisment.

So, what’s this small element you can tweak to help your listing sell faster?  It is the Headline or Title of your listing.  In addition to having a great eye-catching photo of your item, your listing’s title is your chance to grab the attention and interest of a bride-to-be.

Think of your listing’s title as an “Ad for your Ad” – in other words, the job of your listing’s title is to entice people to click on your listing and give it a closer look.  Don’t squander that opportunity by putting something generic in there like “Wedding Dress.”  Instead, take a moment to craft a title that will get someone’s juices flowing a little.

### Tips for Spicing Up Your Listing’s Title ###

– Use some charged descriptive words that are out of the ordinary
eg: words like ‘amazing’ & ‘beautiful’ are not bad, but words like ‘stunning’, ‘exquisite’, ‘charming’ are better and quirky ones like ‘lucky’ or ‘enchanted’ are fun and different enough to warrant attention.

– Make it clear what your item is, especially if it isn’t entirely clear which item is for sale if there is more than one thing in the photo.

– Build curiosity: “Unique Dress with a Must See Back” (now the visitor is going to have to click on your listing to see that back for themselves!)

– Use specificity: “68 People Complemented This Dress On My Wedding Day” ok, that’s a bit long, but you get the idea. The rule is to not to make anything up – but if you have a specific number you can share about a feature of your listing, that gets people’s attention.

– Name Drop: “One of a kind Vera Wang Dress for sale” or “Princess Kate Middleton Was Married in this Dress” – again, you have to be truthful, but if your item has celebrity, use it!

– Be creative – I won’t give an example for this one because the point is that it needs to be unique.  If you can say something different that cuts through the clutter, you’ll have a winner on your hands.

I hope this helps get the gears turning for all our sellers.  Leave a comment with your own ideas on how to supercharge your listing’s title – better yet, share your own listing’s title re-write for us all!

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