Are digital images or a printed album best for your Wedding Photos?

Are digital images or a printed album best for your Wedding Photos?

An important question to ask your wedding photographer is, “what will be the finished products I will get after my wedding day”?

This is an awesome question because every photographer I know in Calgary runs their business differently and it is important to know and understand, not just what service the photographer offers you, but also how you will get the final images. When deciding on something I like to think of the full value at the end. This is why I offer both options of digital images and product based packages within my Calgary wedding photography packages. Therefore, in order to figure out the best wedding photographer and the best wedding photography package for you, I have put together some pluses and minuses for having the digital images versus an album.

  • Hand picked images shared as an art piece in your living room
  • Put together by your photographer making the process easier and the finished album more polished
  • Moments showed as a story
  • Affordable parent albums
  • Prints made though a professional lab
  • Not easy to Share Online

Digital Images

  • Easy to share online and by email
  • Images on a USB that can be viewed on your computer
  • Able to put together your own finished prints and albums
  • The whole day all together on a USB drive
  • Prints made through a consumer lab. Often meaning lower quality finished prints

You might even want some combination that includes different products like wall prints for your home, a mobile app of your photos or a shareable gallery of your images online. It’s just a matter of deciding what is important to you!  After you have invested the time and money in your wedding photos you want to be able to properly enjoy the finished photos. The great thing is you don’t even always have to choose between digital images and an album. In many cases it works best to get a combination of finished images that fits your needs exactly!

– Brendan

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