Wedding Recycle posted 7 years ago

Do you talk about finances with your spouse?

You’ve recently tied the knot and now it’s time to think about combining your finances. So, how do you do this?

I hope you have at least been talking about money with each other long before you said “I do!” Money is one of the MOST trying factors in a marriage and one of the single most used reasons for divorce.

And that’s why you should have at least been talking about money before you walked down the aisle.

Talk to Each Other

BUT, if you haven’t been talking about money before now, then that is your first task. You need to talk about money with each other. Talk about your goals, your debts, what you really want to purchase and when (like cars and houses), savings and anything else that comes up when you think about money.

And even if you have been talking about money, you need to keep talking about money. Don’t ever stop talking about your money throughout the life of your marriage and your marriage will be much happier and hopefully never end in divorce.

Have Money Meetings Regularly

Marriage is a lot about talking to each other. Money issues will pop up if there is little or no communication, so talk about money on a regular basis. And one of the easiest ways to talk about money on a regular basis is to set up money meetings with each other on a regular basis, at least once a month, but weekly is much better.

During these money meetings, you can talk about big purchases you want to make, your bank balances, your investments, your savings, buying gifts for others, your debts and anything else that has to do with money that the two of you need to talk about.

Money is a hard topic for everyone, not just those who have recently gotten married. The more it is talked about and brought out into the open, the easier things will be, because money really does affect everything in your life.

Don’t be one of the statistics that allows money to cause your divorce. Talk about your money regularly.