Travel Photography Tips For Your Honeymoon, Vacation or Destination Wedding

Travel Photography Tips For Your Honeymoon, Vacation or Destination Wedding

Today’s post marks my return to Wedding Recycle after visiting Spain and Italy for six weeks to celebrate my honeymoon! I thought this month’s post would be a good time to talk about travel photography and some ideas when photographing on the road, in the air, or anywhere. Do you have to follow all my suggestions to take great photos? Of course not! I am just hoping my tips will offer a few ideas for taking photos and capturing everything around you. I have learned these tips from some great teachers and some on my own. Wherever you go and whatever you do on your honeymoon, vacation or wedding, one of the most important travel necessities is to always have your camera with you to create lasting memories and document your travels. Here are some of my favorite tips for offbeat, unique and fun travel photos:

Light Is Everything
When is the light the best? At sunrise and sunset. Now, when you are traveling on vacation, the last thing you may want to do is get up at the crack of dawn and take pictures. But, if you have the chance, do it! And the next best time is at sunset. And what if you don’t have the opportunity to take pictures when the light is at it’s best? Then start looking more closely at the light during the day. Overcast and cloudy days make for more diffused, even light, sunny days are full of harsh light and shadows and foggy days offer billowy, soft light. Whatever the lighting situation, all you have to do is notice where the light is coming from and capture how the light interacts with your surroundings. For example, you can take a photograph with the light behind a subject, or take the picture with the light shining directly on the subject. You can notice geometric shadows or golden color hues that happen towards the late afternoon hours. The more you experiment with light, the more you will see a variety of lighting nuances in your pictures and the more your pictures will improve.

Stand In One Place And Take As Many Pictures As Possible
I do this all the time. And it’s not easy! But it forces you to slow down, experiment with different angles and see all the details within a unique space. This tip is great if you actually have some time in one place where it’s absolutely beautiful and you want to remember all the details. Or, at a crowded tourist spot where the “big picture” is full of people and groups. Standing in one place and trying to take different pictures also pushes you to look at the scenery differently and gives you more perspective. And don’t forget the light! Observe where the light is coming from and look for shadows, hues and colors and how the light in the space effects all the details.

Take Pictures of People

Pictures of you both enjoying your honeymoon and vacation are always must-haves. But, if you are in a different country and in the midst of a wonderful cultural experience, you might want to start taking pictures of everyone around you. Should you ask permission? Technically, public places are game for anyone who wants to take pictures. However, if you ask to take a photo of an individual, they might ask for money. Whenever this happens to me, I do give them a small amount equaling a couple of US dollars. To me, they are offering themselves to my camera, and I am more than happy to compensate my subjects. Oftentimes, I do like to capture candids of people who are just having fun in their surroundings and not even noticing me. Outdoor coffee shops, huge buildings, parades, processions or a bustling marketplace are opportune times to take people pictures and will allow you to remember more of your travels.

Go Outside Tourist Spots
It’s OK to wander and get lost. That’s a mantra I have learned to adopt over the years. My husband is a very spontaneous person and loves to venture off the beaten path, where I am the planner and get very anxious going to places that are less traveled. But I have to say, whenever I push myself to get out of my comfort zone, I get more raw images that are a reflection of the city or space, I have the privilege to visit. And you don’t have to wander far. Sitting in a coffee shop and taking pictures of the locals can offer great picture opportunities. Observe the rhythm of the city or town, eat where you see the locals eat, meander down alleys and get away from the crowds. And always be safe! Just use your best judgment and indulge in the culture.

Make A Book
Take tons of pictures! And when you get home, edit out the best and make a book. There are a good amount of lovely options for books out there. Here are a few sites that allow you to create your own album or book:


Just make sure the pages and cover are durable. In some of the cheaper book options out there, the pages are flimsy and tear easily. And the covers are made with very thin material. Do your own research and pick the option that let’s you create your own book of memories that will last!

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