Updated 05/14/23

What to Wear for an Engagement Session

One question I get asked all the time from my clients is,”What should I wear for our engagement session?” I always send my clients’ tons of ideas and links to look-up so they can see examples of how to style themselves for our shoot. My best recommendation is to pick clothes that are both flattering and comfortable. And not to be to matchy-matchy! Just be in the same color scheme. Below are a few recommendations of what to wear for your engagement shoot, along with some of my very photogenic couples!

Bright jackets and colors are always welcomed!

Why? Because the camera loves bright colors, especially in the Fall when the above image was taken. And if you don’t have anything bright to wear, having some bright shoes or jewelry is wonderful as well. Image taken at Morton Arboretum.

Coordinate your outfits!

My couple above did a great job by coordinating her accessories with his sweater which complimented the lovely Fall background at Montrose Harbor.

I always suggest bringing along two outfits:

A dressy one, and a more casual one. The bride in the above photo bought this dress especially for our shoot, and it looked beautiful! And the groom looked down-right dapper in his grey, neutral suit. Image taken at the Lilly Pond.

Coordinate your outfits using a specific color scheme.

My couple in the above image did a great job of styling their blue outfits together without matching exactly. And a bicycle prop always works!

And Finally, Wear white!

My bride above wore the cutest white dress for our urban engagement session in downtown Chicago. And she wore a bright orange necklace which looked wonderful with her whole outfit. Wearing white works best for urban sessions and anywhere on a beach or lakefront. The above image was taken on the Art Institute of Chicago bridge.

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