Wedding Recycle posted 6 years ago

Creative Icebreakers to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Oftentimes, there’s a period of time after your wedding ceremony but before you and your bridal party arrive at the reception, that your guests are by themselves without you and your spouse there to make the connection between people who may not know each other.  A really cool trend happening lately is the idea of ice breakers…games, photos, etc, that create opportunities for your guests to get to know each other.  In today’s edition of Wedding Trends, lets talk about creative ways for your guests to “break the ice”!

Lawn Games

We were at a wedding this past summer where the Bride and Groom had these great ice breakers, over-sized lawn games available for us all to play.  Nothing says “I love you” like a rousing game of Bean-Bag-Toss or Yard Yahtzee!

Table Games

If lawn games aren’t your thing, how about these table games?  Before the reception, between speeches, during dinner, or just for any time of the evening, table games like Tricky Triangle or Mad Libs, for both adults and kids, are a great way for your guests to interact and learn a little more about each other.

Photo Collage

Have you been to a wedding with a collage of photos set up on a wall or along a table or something like that?  I love these!  I could spend a ton of time looking through the images (looking for pictures of myself with the couple!) as well as looking to see if there’s other people in the photos I recognize. Photo collages like this family tree are great ice breakers – conversation starters that can be a really creative way to add color and personality to your wedding decor.

Bridal Party Games

Have you heard of the Shoe Game?  Seriously, this was one of my favorite parts of our wedding!  Absolutely hilarious, I learned some things about my husband and the guests loved it! The idea is that the Bride and Groom sit back-to-back with one shoe from each other in their hand.  Someone (in our case, it was my Maid-of-Honor) reads questions like “Which one of you snores the loudest?” or “Who made the first move?” and the Bride and Groom answer by holding up the corresponding shoe (also a great opportunity to show off your fabulous wedding shoes!).  The entertainment comes from the fact that they can’t see what each other is answering, though some occasionally-incredulous peeking occurred at our wedding. 🙂