Updated 05/14/23

Wedding Table Decor Tips From A Pro

When it comes to decorations for a wedding, couples may struggle with “centerpieces”.  The question of how to make tables more interesting and beautiful often arises. When looking at Pinterest for inspiration, couples will find many gorgeous ideas, but can struggle to bring those ideas to life, and in a budget-friendly way. A good tip to remember when looking at Pinterest, is that often the glamorous, stunningly-beautiful, perfectly-put-together tables are created by professionals in the industry for photo shoots. These shoots are often used in advertising, and displays are made to wow. If you have an unlimited budget, then re-creating said table décor is do-able. But, since that isn’t the case for most, here are some tips to help you create table decor that works in your budget, and reflects the overall feel of your day.

1.    Consider using linens to pull together “the look”

Most couples will have considered using a table cloth, however table runners and overlays can often be overlooked.   There are so many beautiful table runners, and gorgeous overlays, available. Some of them are quite dramatic, like these rose gold sequined table runners, and can really complete the look of the table. By having a table runner or overlay, the table looks less bare, and you don’t necessarily need to focus on the actual center pieces as much. Another nice thing about adding linens is that they do not compete for space on the table – leaving ample room for your guests to eat.

2.    You don’t have to use flowers!

One question often asked by couples is “What about flowers – do we need to have them?”. The answer is no – you don’t NEED anything. While flowers are beautiful, they can be expensive and they might not be the right fit for your table décor. Consider using candles or lanterns to light up the room – just make sure your venue allows for real candles. Otherwise, flameless, battery operated candles are a great option!

3.    Table numbers can be used as part of your table décor

There are some AMAZING table number ideas out there, and some of them are super unique and gorgeous. When considering table numbers, you can definitely incorporate them into your centerpieces and have them contribute to your table décor.

4.    Table décor doesn’t have to be elaborate to have a large impact

There are tons of ways to create simple, elegant centerpieces! While some of the large, elaborate arrangements are beautiful, they aren’t always affordable or practical. Personally, I think that guests should be able to see one another from across the table, and that centerpieces/table décor should not interfere with lines of sight, or the ability to eat comfortably. You don’t want the table to be too crowded. Simpler center pieces such as a small stack of books with a vase of flowers, a few vases of monochromatic flowers, or even just a grouping of decorated jars with candles can be stunning, and just the right amount of décor for your tables.  There are so many vases and jars available – your options are endless! Everything from milk vases, to decorated mason jars… if you’re a little bit creative, you can come up with amazing table décor, that is budget-friendly and beautiful!

When choosing table décor, keep in mind the vision you have for your day. Your décor should reflect you as a couple and should help bring your day together  – have fun with it! It doesn’t need to be stressful 🙂