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Updated 07/01/23

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What Are Wedding Content Creators and Why Are They a Growing Trend?

As someone who’s been in the wedding industry for a while, I’ve seen trends come and go. But one trend that’s been picking up steam and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down is the rise of wedding content creators. Now, you might be wondering, “What exactly is a wedding content creator?” Well, let me tell you, it’s a game-changer for couples wanting to share their special day in a whole new way. If you’re looking to hire a wedding content creator, you’re in the right place. We’ll dive into what they do, why they’re trending, and how they can enhance any type of wedding.

TL;DR: Wedding content creators are the latest trend in the wedding industry, offering a unique service that allows you to share your special day in real-time on social media. They capture candid, behind-the-scenes moments that traditional photographers might miss, and deliver content almost instantly. Packages can start from around $100, but this can vary depending on the services provided. They’re not a replacement for your wedding photographer and videographer, but a fantastic addition to your wedding team. Ready to find the perfect content creator for your big day? Start your search here.

So, Who Are These Wedding Content Creators?

Think of them as your personal social media team for your wedding day. They’re the ones capturing those candid laughs, the happy tears, and even the hilarious dance-offs during the reception. But unlike traditional photographers or videographers, they’re all about creating social content that’s perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. They’re there to capture the essence of your day, the vibe of your celebration, and the personality of your love story. A wedding content creator is someone who understands the ins and outs of social media and knows how to create content that resonates with your followers. They’re not just there to capture the big moments, but also the small, intimate, and unexpected ones that make your wedding day uniquely yours.

Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?

Social media has changed the way we share our lives, and weddings are no exception. I remember when I got married, we had to wait for weeks to get our photos and videos. But now, couples want to share their joy with their friends and followers in real-time, and that’s where these social media maestros come in. They provide content almost instantly, allowing you to share your love story as it unfolds. It’s a trend that’s been growing, especially with the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram. There’s a chance that if you’ve attended a wedding recently, you’ve seen a wedding content creator in action, capturing moments and posting in real-time.

Are They Just for the Insta-Famous?

Absolutely not! While it’s true that influencers and those with large social media followings were among the first to hire these professionals, these services are not exclusive to them. Whether you have a large following or just a small group of friends and family, a wedding content creator can help you capture and share your special day in a way that’s tailored to you. Even if you’re not a social media savvy bride, they can take the reins and handle all the posting for you. They can even help you come up with a unique wedding hashtag!

How much does hiring a wedding content creator cost?

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – how much does a content creator cost? 

The cost of hiring a social content creator can vary quite a bit depending on the specific services they offer and their location. Based on the listings from our website, you can expect to pay anywhere from as low as $100 to over $1,000. 

On the lower end of the scale, some offer packages starting around $100 to $300. These packages typically include basic services such as capturing and posting content on the day of the wedding. Mid-range packages can cost between $400 and $1,200. These packages often include additional services such as pre-wedding consultation, a more comprehensive content creation plan, and possibly some editing of the photos and videos. On the higher end, some offer premium packages that can cost over $1,000. These packages typically include a wide range of services such as full-day coverage, real-time posting, professional editing of photos and videos, and even additional shoots for other wedding-related events.

Remember, these are just averages and the actual cost can vary based on your specific needs and the their pricing structure. It’s always a good idea to discuss pricing and what’s included in the cost with the content creator before making a decision. This will help ensure that you’re getting the services you need at a price that fits within your budget.

What’s the Upside?

There are so many benefits! For one, it allows you to share your wedding day in real-time, without having to wait weeks for wedding photos and videos. They also capture moments that traditional photographers might miss, such as behind-the-scenes moments and candid shots.Plus, they’re up-to-date with all the latest social media trends and can help you create content that’s sure to get those likes, shares, and comments rolling in. They’re also great at capturing the atmosphere and vibe of your wedding, which can sometimes be missed in traditional wedding photos. And let’s not forget the convenience factor, you can enjoy your big day without worrying about capturing content for your social media accounts. They’ve got it covered!

Any Downsides?

The main drawback to is the additional cost. However, many couples find that the benefits outweigh the costs. It’s also important to remember that a wedding content creator is not a replacement for a traditional photographer or videographer. They provide a different service that is focused on social media content. While they capture many of the same moments as a traditional photographer or videographer, their style, delivery, and focus are different. For instance, while a photographer or videographer might focus on getting the perfect shot for your wedding album, a content creator is focused on capturing content that will engage your social media followers.

How Can I Find a Wedding Content Creator?

Luckily, you’re in the right place! You can start by browsing our vendor directory right here are Wedding Recycle. We have a number of professional wedding content creators listed on our site, and you can browse their profiles to find one that suits your style and needs. It’s also a good idea to look at their previous work and read reviews from other couples. This can give you a good idea of their style and how they work. And don’t be afraid to reach out to them with any questions or to discuss your vision for your wedding content.

What Should I Consider When Hiring One?

When looking for a content creator, it’s important to consider their style, experience, and the services they offer. You should also discuss your expectations and any specific requests you have. Remember, this is your special day, and your content creator should be able to capture it in a way that reflects you and your partner. It’s also important to discuss the details of their services. For example, will they be posting in real-time throughout your wedding, or will they deliver the content within 24 hours? How many posts will they create? Will they also offer wedding content creation for other events, like your rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch? These are all things to consider when hiring a content creator for your wedding.

What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Content Creator and a Traditional Photographer or Videographer?

This is a question I get asked a lot. While both capture your special day, the main difference lies in the type of content they create and how they deliver it. Traditional photographers and videographers focus on creating high-quality photos and videos that you’ll receive after the wedding. On the other hand, a wedding content creator focuses on creating content specifically for social media, and they deliver it almost instantly. They’re all about capturing the candid, unscripted moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. They’re also more likely to capture the fun and playful moments that make your wedding feel like a true celebration.

What Kind of Content Do They Create?

From Instagram stories and TikToks to reels and posts, these creators are all about creating content that’s perfect for social media. They capture everything from the intimate moments of getting ready to the candid shots that make your wedding unforgettable. And the best part? By the time your head hits the pillow, you’ll already have professional, social media-ready content to look back on and share. They’re also great at creating a variety of content types, from photos and videos to boomerangs and GIFs. So whether you’re a fan of TikTok or Instagram, they can create content that fits yourfavorite platform.

How Can They Enhance My Wedding?

Imagine being able to share your first dance as a married couple with your friends and followers in real-time. Or having a beautifully curated Instagram story that captures the entire day, from the nervous excitement of getting ready to the joy of saying “I do.” That’s the magic a wedding content creator brings. They allow you to share your special day in a whole new way, creating a buzz and excitement among your social circle. Plus, they can help you create a cohesive look and feel for your wedding content, ensuring that every post and story aligns with your wedding theme and color scheme.

Wedding content creators offer a unique service that can enhance your wedding day and the way you share it with others. Whether you want to share your day in real-time, capture behind-the-scenes moments, or simply have more candid, social media-ready content, a wedding content creator could be the perfect addition to your wedding team. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Wedding content creators specialize in creating social media content during your wedding.
  • They capture candid, behind-the-scenes moments that traditional photographers might miss.
  • They provide content almost instantly, allowing you to share your day in real-time.
  • Packages can start from around $100, but this can vary depending on the services provided.
  • They are not a replacement for your wedding photographer and videographer.
  • You can find professional wedding content creators in our wedding vendor directory on

So, if you’re currently wedding planning and want to share your special day in a unique and modern way, why not consider hiring a wedding content creator? It could be the best decision you make for your big day!