As I was preparing some thoughts for this post, I did my research. I read the “upcoming trends” reports from all the major bridal publications, looked through lots and lots and lots of photos, and then sat down to look over the list I had. I then realized I probably didn’t agree with about half of it. Shoot. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since my store Moon and Back Bridal is based around the idea of indie bridal designers and the amazing styles to be found outside the mainstream.

Trends don’t hit the runway all at once and take the wedding scene by storm, despite what some designers and magazines report. Take last year’s “naked dress” that blogs and magazines wrote about over and over. It was the style everyone talked about in 2015. Can you name one real life person you saw (even on social media) who actually wore one at their wedding?

The trick to spotting a trend worth noticing is to find what’s creeping in to people’s wish lists. What new ideas are clever and practical and pretty, what’s a take on a classic look or fit that will give it a breath of fresh air?

It’s the trends that sneak up on us that stick, and they’re the ones you’ll be crazy excited to wear on your wedding day. I’m talking trends based on what incredibly talented designers are dreaming up and that brides are actually wearing. The best part is that more art and diversity is breaking into the bridal fashion world every day and I love it. Here are a few to get you started:

Not Strapless

This has been about two decades coming, but every year we declare that strapless is dead. It isn’t, quite, but it’s at the lowest point I’ve seen it in recent memory. And everyone rejoices! Because strapless can look killer and is a great choice if you love it, but it shouldn’t be a required right of passage. There is so much more variety, creativity, and comfort to be found in a full range of available straps and sleeves.

Theia - Lilia
Theia – Lilia
Celia Grace- Teresa
Celia Grace- Teresa
Claire La Faye - Before Sunset
Claire La Faye – Before Sunset


This is the single biggest thing I’ve seen hit the bridal scene in the last few years. There are so many ways to do it. You can use it to create a look that’s unique and exactly what you want.

The pieces can blend seamlessly and look like a dress.

Theia - Lily skirt
Theia – Lily skirt

They can give off a high fashion vibe and break the mold

Anya Dionne - Dionne
Anya Dionne – Dionne

They can be fun and laid back

Pure Magnolia - Poppy crop top
Pure Magnolia – Poppy crop top

Or they can be a pure work of art

Claire La Faye - In Bloom bodice
Claire La Faye – In Bloom bodice

You name it, separates can do it. And something I love and I know the brides on wedding-recycle can get behind is that separates can usually make the pieces you buy so much more rewearable. Anything that stretches your enjoyment, the investment, and the life of a dress is just great by my standards. How fun would it be to dress up parts of your wedding outfit for your anniversary each year or to look amazing for a big special event?

Floral and Color

This is so much more available than it was even 2 years ago! It’s such a breath of fresh air too. You can pick a completely simple and classic shape, add an a modern floral print or a fun tint to it, and have a dress no one’s seen before. Some common hues are blushes, blues, and greys, but you’re able to find just about anything now if you’re looking for it! It can come out soft and romantic, or bold and graphic, but it never comes out boring.

Theia - Emma
Theia – Emma
Pure Magnolia - Kate
Pure Magnolia – Kate
Claire la Faye - Blue Sunday
Claire la Faye – Blue Sunday

The Creative Bride

I think the most exciting trend I’ve noticed is brides taking steps outside the expected to create a look that really fits their style and their story. The three trends above are part of that, but it also means that little trends are building all over the place and there’s no one defining look that everyone’s buying. It’s a great thing and it makes current bridal fashion so much fun.

Throw in the trends everyone’s still loving like low backs, soft laces, and flowy or streamlined silhouettes and you have such a wide range of styles out there for brides-to-be to shop. I know there can be too much of a good thing and it may sometimes feel overwhelming when you’re out there shopping, but I can’t help loving that brides get the chance to really find the look that suits them.

Christen Schneider

Christen Schneider is the founder of the bridal fashion collective Wed/Altered and owner of Moon and Back Bridal Boutique in Lakewood, OH. Moon and Back Bridal is the perfect boutique for Cleveland brides who aren't looking for the big box salon look or experience. They have a carefully picked selection of dresses from independent designers (and a few big names too) and brides will be sure to find a look that's all their own. Through Wed/Altered, Christen coaches bridal designers and stores around the world to grow sustainable businesses they love. She also organizes bridal trade show opportunities for emerging designers at different Market weeks throughout the world. Along with the brides and designers she gets to work with, Christen believes that the bridal industry can be done differently and she's been at the front of that movement for the last 6 years. Wed/Altered link: Moon and Back:

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