Tradition outlines that your maid of honor is an unmarried woman. Brides have been disregarding this tradition somewhat and have included married woman as their matron of honor. Now, what if your BFF is a guy and you want him to be your maid of honor? What are the rules to this? Quite frankly, in this day and age, I would say there aren’t any rules and you should definitely have your guy BFF stand next to you when you say your vows. The only thing I suggest is to give him the title of “Man of Honor.”

The role of Maid/Matron/Man of Honor is reserved for the person you are closest to and should be chosen regardless of their sex. Every bride deserves to plan their wedding with their best friend by her side with the utmost support. This person may be helping you find the perfect venue, select your wedding gown, help write your wedding vows, or even help put together wedding favors. Or this person may be absolutely of no use in helping you with these tasks but has always been supportive of your decisions. Regardless of why you chose this person for this important role, the choice is the brides and should only matter to you.

If you have pressure from a family member to have a specific person as your maid of honor, for example, your mom would like you to have your sister as your maid of honor, have an honest conversation with mom. Tell her you have chosen your maid/man of honor, (can provide reasons if you want), and suggest a different role for your sister in the wedding. She might make an excellent bridesmaid or MC. The important thing is to acknowledge the suggestion, the importance of the role, and to provide a solution.

If your groom would like a Best Woman to stand next to him instead of a Best Man, why not?! This is his decision, plus it might balance out your pictures if you really care about stuff like that.

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