“Something old-something new-something borrowed-something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe”.  The old rhyme that was supposed to bring the bride luck on her wedding day.  Today’s brides aren’t so superstitious, but it is still fun to incorporate these items in different ways.  This post will explore the “something blue” tradition.  Traditionally, most brides would go with something hidden to cover the “blue” requirement, like a leg garter or their wedding date embroidered into the hem of their wedding gown. Embrace blue-there are so many different shades to choose from.  Get creative with the following suggestions…

something blue

DRESSES>>>Some brides are taking the blue theme to the max.  Formerly wedding gowns in subtle shades or ivory or blush pink were a daring departure from the traditional white.  Check out these Stunning Serenity Blue Wedding Dresses on Beau-coup’s wedding blog.  Wow!  Or a blue tulle petticoat underneath a white gown or accessorize with a blue satin shawl for when it gets chilly.  Or add a satin or organza sash/belt on your wedding dress if it’s a simple style.

something blue      something blue

SHOES>>>Be sassy and choose a blue shoe or bootie for your wedding day.  It’s both there and hidden under your gown.  Go bold with a solid color and crystals or subtle with floral appliques depending on your personality.  Don’t want heels?  Check out these amazing flats from Yosi Samra.

something bluesomething bluesomething blue

JEWELRY>>>A perfect groom’s wedding gift to his bride, hint hint! Earrings, right hand rings, pendant, anklets, or bracelets from Elite Jewels in aquamarine, sapphire or blue topaz are beautiful keepsake choices. Olive + Piper have some great statement pieces as well in 3 different shades of blue.

something blue

BRIDAL BOUQUET>>>A a subtle hint of blue in your flowers is easily done with a charm, DIY pin or ribbon.  Or have a blue bouquet-real flowers don’t come in these bright shades (inspiration gallery), but artificial do and make a lasting wedding keepsake.

 something blue

ACCESSORIES>>>Monogrammed handkerchiefs are a very traditional accompaniment and comes in handy for those teary moments!  Add a blue floral comb with glittering rhinestones to your updo. Nail wraps and personalized flasks in blue are unique and fun. Zazzle.com has many more ideas, from sneakers, underwear hot shorts, flip flops, to leggings and t-shirts. And you can just carry around a “Something Blue” phone case-that counts doesn’t it?

something blue

LINGERIE>>>Just like the leg garter, you can hide your something blue.

something blue

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