Cruise ship weddings are growing in popularity because you not only get to have your wedding AND your honeymoon together, but you also get the added benefit of unpacking only once but visiting multiple destinations. If you’re considering a cruise ship wedding, here are a few things you need to about preparing for a cruise wedding.

It’s a bargain!

Compared to a big wedding ceremony, cruise ship weddings are a great bargain and the prices typically can’t be beat. Depending on the cruise line, packages start at approximately $800 USD and go up to about $4500, not including the actual cost of the cruise vacation.

Guests don’t need to be passengers!Cruise Ships

The couple is typically offered 3 different weddings options – Embarkation Port, At Sea, and in Destination.
An embarkation wedding, while the couple is required to be a guest on the ship, your guests are able to witness the magic and partake in the festivities before the ship leaves port.

Cruise ShipsAt Sea, be married by the captain, at Sea!

An in Destination wedding allows the guest to be married at one of their ports of call (assuming the country does not have a legal requirement for the length of stay in the country prior to being married).Cruise Ships


No one needs to be left out!

If some of your loved ones are unable to attend, some cruise lines will offer the option of web streaming where your guests can have the option of viewing the wedding from the comfort of their own home over the internet.

Marriage Licences!Cruise Ships

Obtaining a marriage license is usually the most difficult part of the entire process. However, if you are having an “At Sea” wedding that is not symbolic, some cruise lines will assit you with the marriage licence process. The fee for this is typically around $900 USD and can be labour intensive and complicated. For simplicity purposes, most people choose to be married by a Justice of the Peace prior to embarkation or at one of the ports of call.


You’ve got choices!

Your wedding may be on a ship, there are still choices available. Most weddings typically happen in the chapel, atrium, library or lounge but you can work directly with your coordinator to choose an alternate location in the case that none of these appeal to you.

Cruise Ships


Similar to an All-Inclusive resort, there are dedicated wedding coordinators and planners to assist you in every stage of the planning. Most cruise lines even have pre-arranged wedding packages with “add-on” options for you to choose from. You simply make the basic decisions and then let the coordinator take care of the rest, including Tux Rentals for the groom and wedding party! Also, be sure to enjoy the on-board salon and spa on the day of your wedding! Simply sit back, relax and know that everything is being taken care of, but most of all, have fun and enjoy!Cruise Ships


  • Be sure to check availability BEFORE bookings your cruise!
  • Have your travel agent request a Group Rate (typically 8 cabins plus)
  • Regardless of the type of wedding you choose, it is recommended that you have a civil wedding in advance and do a symbolic wedding onboard
  • If you choose a Port of Call wedding, be sure to check that specific countries marriage requirements. Some countries require you to be there for a minimum of days before even a symbolic wedding can be done

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