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As if fighting with your significant other doesn’t suck enough, but fighting on your wedding day is just that much more…sucky. This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You are marrying your soul mate. All eyes are on the two of you and you two are fighting. So what do you do if it happens to you? Read on for some tips. Hopefully, you get the chance to read this BEFORE your wedding day.

Regardless of what the argument is about, usually it gets worse as both parties keep talking (or screaming) at each other. The argument gets sidetracked and you both start saying hurtful things that you will regret later. Best thing you can do is to agree to stop talking for five minutes. This gives you both an opportunity to calm down and gather some logical thoughts. If you are the kind of couple that needs to talk to a resolution do so but have a timeout when it gets heated again.

If there were witnesses, ask your maid of honor or wedding planner to do some damage control. Assure the witness that everything is fine and request that they keep it to themselves. You don’t want all your guests coming to the rescue to see how you are doing or providing advice on the situation.

If it is something minor like the flowers aren’t the right color you ordered, just relax. No one but you will notice. The wedding is going to be great no matter the color of the flowers.

If it is a deeper concern and not the fact that your fiance just forgot the wedding rings. You really need to decide whether this is an appropriate time to discuss this matter. If it is a recurring argument, you might want to leave it alone for tomorrow. Likely, you will have the same argument 50 more times in your marriage.

If it is because an actual fight broke out between guests, get someone to deal with this. It is not worth it to argue with your fiance over someone’s stupid drunk actions.

Remember that your wedding is just one day, and it’s a day when emotions and stress are extremely high. Unusually high. Things done or said might not be done on a normal Wednesday after work. Remember why this day is here. It is because you both chose to get married and start your new life together. You love each other before the wedding and will love each other (almost) every day afterwards.

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Hello! I'm Monica and I have many passions. Most of which relate to planning, decorating, and crafting. Growing up as an only child, I frequented fabric stores with my mom and home improvement stores with my dad. Having acquired some sewing skills and a bunch of tools, I love to personalize and make things/events unique. I have a can do attitude, so if I can't buy something, I will try to make it from scratch to complete my vision or project. (90% of the time it works out.) Wishahmon was started in 2008 because I was the go to person when my friends needed help planning or decorating their weddings. I didn't start the business to make money off of them but because I was quickly running out of friends getting married and I wanted to continue to do what I loved. In 2010, I expanded into event planning and design. This was my outlet to give back to communities and help out with their fundraisers. Born and raised in Calgary, I felt it was my duty to help out in whatever little way I could. In 2012, I started a wedding gown consignment boutique but traded that in 2015 after the arrival of my daughter, Grace. While I miss seeing the bride's face when they have found their perfect wedding gown, I don't regret my decision. Grace's smile makes up for everything. Becoming a new "old" mom really kicked my butt. As such, the Wishahmon brand has expanded to include stories about pregancy, babies/kids, and my personal stories of motherhood.

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