Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the most popular questions we’ve been asked over the years – hopefully there’s an answer here for you too!  But in case there’s not, please contact us directly using the Contact form.

How do I sell?  Selling is super easy! Just create a listing for your item (this five-minute video will take you through the process), and wait for the enquiries to come in. Buyers will either purchase your item immediately by adding it to their cart and purchasing using PayPal or they’ll contact you using the Enquiry form and you can communicate directly with them, potentially making other arrangements for meeting face-to-face or shipping.


How do I send my items to Wedding Recycle to be sold?  You don’t 🙂  Wedding Recycle isn’t like a consignment shop – we don’t  take possession of the products you’d like to sell through the site.  You keep those items, create listings on the Wedding Recycle site to sell them and communicate directly with Buyers to purchase your products.  Wedding Recycle does not have a warehouse where we accept your products for sale.

How do I create a Product Listing? This super handy, five-minute video will walk you step-by-step through the process.

How much does it cost to sell my items on Wedding Recycle?  Unlike other sites, it doesn’t cost anything to list your products for sale on Wedding Recycle, unless you’re a wedding professional or wholesaler who is selling products from a business perspective (more about those fees here). If Buyers use our Cart feature to purchase your products through the Wedding Recycle site, there is a 4% fee charged, meaning you will receive 96% of your selling price directly into your PayPal account.

How do I accept payment? If you’re meeting in person, cash is always best! If you’re shipping your items, we recommend you use PayPal to accept payment, either directly through the Wedding Recycle site via the Cart feature or offline, via PayPal directly. PayPal offers both Buyer and Seller protection and is a safe and secure option.


Do I need a PayPal account to sell on Wedding Recycle?  If Buyers want to use our Cart feature to purchase your products through the Wedding Recycle site, you will need to have a PayPal account set up (here’s a link to setting up a PayPal account if you’re unsure) and the email address associated with your PayPal account must be entered into your Wedding Recycle profile (click here to enter your PayPal email address onto your Wedding Recycle account).

There is no way to disable the Cart feature so be very clear in your product description that you will not ship your products.  Additionally, or alternatively, if there is a price you would be willing to ship your products for, make sure you indicate that on the “Flat Rate Shipping” section of the product listing (if you’re not sure where that section is, watch this video).  When Buyers purchase using the Cart, they will be charged this flat rate shipping fee for you to ship their items to them.  At the check-out, Buyers have the option to select ‘Local pick-up only’ if the live near you and you can make arrangements to exchange the product directly with the Buyer.


What happens if the item shown on the site isn’t the item I receive? We do everything in our power to ensure that our Sellers and their items are authentic and representative of the actual items. Unfortunately, like online dating, people can misrepresent themselves or their items in a few cases. If this happens, notify us immediately! We will take immediate steps to investigate the situation and remove the Seller from the site if appropriate. Be a savvy online shopper and protect yourself if you’re receiving your items via shipping – never send cash through the mail and we recommend using PayPal to make payments.


What happens if I pay for the item but never receive it? Same response as the question above…be a savvy online shopper! All our Sellers are independent people – Wedding Recycle is the platform they can use to sell their clothing and decor but we do not broker, nor take possession of, the products or payments.  We absolutely work with you and the Seller to resolve all situations but any refunds from the Seller have to be coordinated with the Seller or via PayPal.  Protect yourself by using PayPal to make your payments, ask for proof of shipping with a tracking number if available (a copy of a receipt or waybill) and never send cash through the mail. Please inform us right away if you experience an untrustworthy Seller – we want to protect our community as much as we can and hearing from you is the most effective way.


What happens with my information stored on the site? We are very serious about protecting the data of our community and we will do everything in our power to keep your data safe and secure. Occasionally, you could receive email updates from us via newsletters or press releases but if you opt out of these communications, we will absolutely respect your decision.


How safe is my information? Safety and security for our community is our number one goal and we employ all the tools we can to ensure the data on our site is protected. We’ve never had a breach of security (knock on wood!) but if we ever did, we would take immediate action and notify you, our community, immediately.


What happens if I sell an item somewhere else or it is no longer available to be sold? Just login to your Wedding Recycle account and you can delete the item directly. You can also contact us and we can delete the item for you. It is your responsibility as a Seller to please keep your account and your products up-to-date.  Nothing worse for our Buyers than to purchase your items using the Cart, where you get paid right away via PayPal, and you don’t have the item available. Bad karma for you, the Buyer and us at Wedding Recycle so we appreciate your help and support on this!


How can I update my User profile on the site? After you login to the site, you will be redirected to your private user page. Here, you can update any of your personal data directly. You can also change your password if necessary.


How can I contact someone at Wedding Recycle? It’s so easy! You can contact us any time using our contact form.


How can I report a scam? Click here to contact us immediately!