Sell your Stuff!

Get back some of that hard earned money you spent on your wedding AND clean out your closet…storage room…spare bedroom at the same time!

Sell your wedding dress, decorations…anything and everything you used for your Big Day!

Big Benefit One

Wedding Recycle is a photo gallery of wedding-themed items available for sale. We want newlyweds to showcase their wedding in pictures, sharing ideas and inspiration to engaged couples as they’re planning their own weddings and making those items available for purchase.

The idea is to gather up all the beautiful things you used for your wedding day and post amazing photos of them online for couples to see, get ideas from and of course, buy! Show off those centerpieces you worked so hard to create! Highlight your flower-girl dresses, reliving the incredibly sweet moment when they walked down the aisle! And get back some of that money you spent on your wedding – share the magic with engaged couples currently planning their Big Day!

Engaged Couples – engage your wedding photographers to photograph anything you’d potentially want to sell after the Big Day – centerpieces, candle holders, chair covers, etc… anything in multiple you don’t want to store during your marriage. We want to see those items in action on your Big Day, give other couples the motivation and inspiration to create something as unique and beautiful for their own wedding day.

Newlyweds – beautiful photos showing gently used wedding items such as your unity candle, table runners, photo booth, etc. as they were used during your Big Day will receive the most attention and therefore the most click–throughs to your purchase page. Find copies of your best photos or ask your wedding photographers and wedding guests to send you any photos they took during your ceremony and reception, showcasing any items you may wish to sell. Anything can be sold and shared with other couples on Wedding Recycle!

Big Benefit Two

Wedding Recycle is an online marketplace where engaged couples  and newlyweds come together to buy and sell gently used wedding items, share ideas and inspiration to create unique and beautiful weddings, and source trusted, respected and local wedding industry experts.

With over 1,000 visits to the site per day, over 2,000 Facebook fans and over 3,000 product listings, Wedding Recycle is a destination for North American couples planning for their Big Day.

Sure, you could sell your gorgeous wedding dress or sequined tablecloths on one of those generic classified sites but could you really trust that it’ll be loved and cared for like it was when it held a special place of honour at your wedding?

Big Benefit Three

With Wedding Recycle, you have your choice as to how you’d like to sell, and receive payment for, your gorgeous wedding items.

With our CART feature, buyers are able to purchase directly from the site, using PayPal, a safe and secure method of payment.  And with only a 4% fee for selling this way, Wedding Recycle is less expensive than other sites!

Or, take your transaction offline where you can meet your potential buyer in a mutually safe location, exchange your products for cash and share inspirational stories of how you used those centerpieces as one of the highlights to your Big Day.


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