It’s over!! It’s finally over!!! Months and months of planning, hours of preparations, last minute adjustments, coordination of a gang of people, and it’s over! We’re married! But not everything was all fairy tales and rainbows.

The thing about weddings that brides and grooms have to accept is that something will not go as planned. Oh, you can plan, prepare, and cover your bases. But inevitably, something will go wrong. It could be something as small as forgetting to put on your favorite cologne/perfume or something as big as your dad, who happens to have your tuxedo pants, getting lost on the way to meet you at your house even though he has a map and has been to your house several times…but I digress. For us, behind the scenes, it seemed like total chaos and everything was coming apart from the seams. But in reality, it turned out to be a beautiful wedding. The trick is to remove yourself from planning mode and how things were supposed to be and just go with it and enjoy your day, as is. You will know that something went wrong, but no one else will notice and they probably won’t care.

So for all of you brides and grooms to be…the most important thing is that you are marrying the person you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with. The rest is just an expensive, extravagant party where you are forced to take one more picture with a relative you haven’t seen since the last family event!

Michael Dumas