Bridal & Bridesmaids Bouquets, Mens Boutonnières

Bridal & Bridesmaids Bouquets, Mens Boutonnières


I have a total of 7 aqua/ivory/rhinestone bridesmaids bouquets from my July Wedding. Two of them are still brand new (the other 5 look new too). Originally bought for $45 each. Selling all 7 for $200.


I’m also selling my bridal bouquet (originally $100) for $60.


I also have a separate bouquet bought for the bouquet toss (smaller white calla lily bouquet), however, we completely forgot to do it so it’s literally brand new. That was bought for $35 and I’m selling for $25.


Men’s aqua colored boutonnières (set of 9): selling all for $20.


Please let me know if you’re interested in any (or all) of these bouquets or boutonnières.

Germantown, MD, USA
Published: July 25, 2022
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