**WEDDING TABLECLOTHS luxury. BUNDLE of 8 +extra’s**

**WEDDING TABLECLOTHS luxury. BUNDLE of 8 +extra’s**


Stunning wedding table linens in champagne colorway: I bought the most exquisite embroidered table linens from Urquid Linens of Los Angeles for my wedding.  Beautifully sequined and beaded with exceptionally high quality.  Download pictures for details.  Four 132″ round tablecloths (sold as one lot. Will not separate). Best for wedding of between 28 – 32 people (the perfect size for an intimate personal wedding).  Used once.  My guests were wowed at first sight.  Yours can be too!  

Luxury linens at a fraction of the cost.  Used one time.  Were dry cleaned and stored rolled in acid free paper.  Have the wedding of your dreams.  
Bundle includes Four 82″ square embroidered floral mesh overlays,  Four 132″ round champagne tablecloths for base of table, 36 plum satin napkins, 36 camel satin chair sashes.
Room decor also available.  Inquire for details.
8FRP+R8 Santa Clarita, CA, USA
Local Delivery Available
Published: June 2, 2022
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