Leanne Marshall “Theolanda” dress


I purchased this gorgeous Theolanda dress in 2016 but the wedding never happened. It remains unworn and unaltered.

The bodice is hand-stitched beautifully and the skirt of the dress is unbelievably soft. I requested the cap sleeves as a separate option so you can add them if that look works for you.

Fit-wise, it is structured/snug but extremely comfortable and easy to breathe in. Overall the dress is very light in weight and the bottom makes you feel like you’re surrounded by clouds.

When I first put it on I knew this was the dress. In spite of the wedding not going through, I have waited all these years to part with it because it’s such a gorgeous dress, even if I have no use for it. This design is discontinued, so you wouldn’t be able to find it through her website or retailers.

I have the original receipts and a few more pictures for serious buyers. Also, if you are in California, the shop I purchased it from guaranteed a lifetime 25% discount offer on the alterations. Since I never altered it, that offer still stands. Thanks for looking!

San Diego, CA, USA
Published: March 18, 2022
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