Wedding Emergency Kit


Preparing for you special event can be stressful. No matter how much preparing you do, the unexpected can happened, and you as a bride or bridesmaid want to ensure you have items for those mini emergencies.

These items will go a long way in making sure you feel and look your best during your special day or event. The items within this kit will cover many mini emergencies, such as: stains, stomach issues, hair, headaches, etc.

Note: Some items may differ in brands or size depending if the manufacture is “Out of Stock’ on items. Substitutions are made when product is “Out of Stock”

Bag Description: Enough room to add your shoes, water, snacks, etc.

Non-Woven Drawstring Backpack that reads in black letters “Wedding Day Survival Kit” –
•Bag size: 14.5W x 17.5H inches
•Material polypropylene

Bride Emergency Kit

White Draw String Bag that reads in black letters “Wedding Day Survival Kit”

Kit includes:
Advil ( 1 pack of 2)
Antacids (1 roll)
Anti-Diarrhea ( 1 pack of 2)
Band-Aid (1)
Bobby Pins (5)
Chalk for wedding dress stains
Comb (1)
Anti-Perspirant Wipe (1)
Ear ring backing (2)
Flossers (2)
Hair Tie (1)
Hand Lotion (small tube)
Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body)
Krazy Glue (1)
Mints (5)
Mirror (1)
Nail files (1)
Panty Liner(1)
Travel Sewing kit (1)
Stain Remover (1)
Tampon (1)
Tissue Pack (1)

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Published: March 18, 2022
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