How much time to leave for your wedding photos is a common question that I get asked. But before you can answer this question it is important to think about how you would like your wedding day to unfold. For example is it important that both the bride and groom do not see each other before the ceremony? In this case I usually recommend about three hours of photography time. As long as locations are close, this should give enough time to capture your family portraits, bridal party portraits and bride and groom portraits.

Another common way of scheduling photography time is if you are comfortable seeing each other before the ceremony. In this case, I recommended doing a first look two to three hours prior to the ceremony time. This can free more of your time after the ceremony and also free guests of entertaining themselves for three hours.

Hope you find these tips helpful please leave a comment or send me a message if you have any questions! And remember it is your day, so plan however you feel works best!

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Hi! I'm Brendan Nogue and I would love to be your wedding photographer! I started out, as most people do, as a baby. I had this beginning in Calgary, Alberta where I decided to stay to this very day. In between then and now a whole bunch of stuff happened which, because you are probably busy planning a wedding, you probably aren't all that interested in. What you may be interested in is that I got my start in photography about 11 years ago when I got my first film SLR camera. After high school I took this along on several trips that took me to many parts of the world while I made that life decision of what to do when I grow up. I eventually found myself at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology taking photojournalism. This lead me to two years working for the Banff Crag and Canyon, Banff Alberta's local weekly paper. These years of journalistic photography taught me all about candid photography and catching 'the moment.' From here I moved on to more travelling followed by work as a portrait photographer of all types and now finally to exactly where I want to be, running my own wedding photography company. I want to do everything I can to make your wedding day everything you hoped it would be and more so lets talk. I can't wait to meet you! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @bnoguephoto Email:

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