Well, it’s been a year. We made it through our first year of marriage…longer than some celebrities. And it’s been a fun year, challenging at times, but fun. We have grown as a couple and we learned as a couple. And I will be the first to say that it has not been all rainbows and lollipops. We have hit bumps in this journey we have committed ourselves to and we have tried to learn from our mistakes and missteps in order to make our relationship better each day. But for us, we have one glaring issue in our marriage that may never be resolved, no matter how much effort we put into it.

20150916_225559Throughout our first year, we took a perpetual inventory of the wedding to make sure that everyone was thanked and that we showed appreciation to those special people that went above and beyond. There were personalized thank you cards, special dinners, gift certificates, and other little miscellaneous gifts that were dispensed. And right when we thought we had thoroughly checked off everyone on the list, we found this one gift…this one lovely, nonstick, durable, electric griddle with no name tag or card. And we have no clue who could have or would have been so kind to give us this gift. We feel horrible knowing that someone came to our wedding, toasted with us, wished us well, and possibly even danced with us and we haven’t  formally thank them.

I can imagine them receiving our wedding invitation and feeling this overwhelming sense of joy and honor knowing that they were invited to see their favorite couple become one. And then they probably had an equal feeling of feeling of panic because they wanted to get us the perfect gift. They probably looked at our gift registry and decided to take their own route and get us something different. They probably thought about the homemade buttermilk pancakes that we could make one lazy Sunday morning. Or maybe the thought of the fajitas for two we could make after work. Or maybe even the pre-game patty melts we could make. So they took their hard earned money, went to a store, bought us this griddle, wrapped it, got in the car, burned their gas, sat through a beautiful ceremony, enjoyed an entertaining reception with delicious food and great music, had drinks, and left us this well thought out and planned gift. And we have yet to thank them.

The truth is…we feel too guilty to even take it out of the box. But should we feel guilty because someone didn’t put a card or any kind of identifier on it? Should we keep this gift a secret and be held hostage by our knowledge of not thanking the giver? Should we not make the delicious meals that this griddle was intended for? No. This isn’t our fault. No, it’s not!! And we should no longer allow ourselves to be held captive by their oversight. And yes, we will enjoy our cheesy omelets…guiltfree!! So to you, the anonymous giver the infamous, durable, electric griddle, whoever you are, for the bottom of our hearts, we “formally” thank you for your generosity!!

Michael Dumas

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