At 44 you don’t imagine that true love will ever find it’s way to you.  Well fairytales are real and dreams do come true!

At this time in our lives, I don’t know if either of us were convinced that there was one person out there made just for us.  Yea-yea “soulmates” as people referred to them, was starting to look like a joke.  Well we couldn’t have been farther from the truth, little did we know before our meeting that timing was all we needed on our side to finally find our “person”.

On October 11th 2013 I was flying out to Charleston SC to stand up in one of my best friend’s wedding.  Now mind you we have been friends for close to a decade, she resided in SC and I in Chicago, we were work partners on the road.  For years we had shared stories about our families, the good – the bad – the ugly.  Well on my arrival I was to finally meet them all, including her older brother.  As you can imagine I was excited and nervous to finally meet these people I felt like I had already known.  On my arrival, hugs flew out except with one individual, yep you guessed it, her brother Forrest.  The meeting was so odd and to be honest, a bit awkward.  I instantly felt this strange feeling come over me and could not figure out what it was, well with that said we both reached out our hands and gave a polite and awkward hand shake.  Like two 13 year very squeamish and bashful kids we both knew that this was not normal!  We refer to this meeting as “Our handshake Anniversary”…. Well the weekend was spent sneaking off every chance we got to talk and get to know each other, of course without letting the other parties know (especially his sister!)  We spent hours on the beach talking (of course after all had gone to bed) and just baring our souls.  See at that time we were both in somewhat other relationships (both pretty unsteady)  With him living in Florida and me in Chicago we knew nothing would “probably” come out of it, so we talked and shared with no expectations what so ever.

As we left the beach and headed back to the house before the others woke and we were caught red handed, we hugged and I remember like it was yesterday whispering the words “Maybe in our next life”… with tears in both our eyes we headed back hand in hand.  Well the weekend came and went and the memories never faded, within days Forrest text me, then there were the phone calls, then Skype-ing…… The next thing I knew it was 2 weeks exactly and he was on a plane to visit me in Chicago.  We just needed to see what this truly was and why that weekend changed who we were before our meeting.  Well after that, it was over…we both knew we had found “our person” or “soulmate” if you will.   I could no longer see my life without him in it.  Hallelujah!!!!  It took a long time but I found him!!!!  After only 3 short months he transferred and pulled into my driveway, Uhaul and all on Jan 11th 2014, on our 3 month “handshake” anniversary……

Fairytales are real and dreams do come true…. We got married this past Oct 1…. yep where else would we do it but on the very sand we snuck off too on that chilly Oct night in 2013…. Charleston SC… Magical in every way!


3 thoughts on “A Real Marriage: Roni & Forrest – Fairytales Do Come True

  1. Theresa_Bailey says:

    What a sweet story! Sometimes finding love at an older age makes you appreciate it that much more, which sounds like it is the case with you two. How wonderful that you found each other.

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