So your Big Day has come and gone and all the sparkles, planning and fun festivities and memories were made and captured by your lovely vendors. Congratulations on this amazing life milestone being accomplished, you rock! Now that you are finally stress-free, married, and ready to settle into your newlywed life… what do you do with all your stuff, more importantly, your dress!? May we suggest donating it!


Sure it cost a lot of money, it has sentimental value, yada, yada, yada….. Let’s be real… You will get it cleaned, place it in your closet, maybe pull it once or twice the first year, then it will live there in the dark for the rest of it’s wedding dress life … THAT IS NO LIFE TO LIVE FOR A WEDDING DRESS! It is meant to be seen, adorned, swooned over! Donating your gown allows it to continue to be celebrated and bring life to others, it gets to see one or two more amazing wedding celebrations, maybe even make a few other dress friends in other dress closets across the nation, or even, across the globe!!! And to top it off – Did you know when you donate to 501c3 causes, you’ll receive a tax write off? Yup, Real Talk Friends! Here is a list of organizations that would love to use your wedding day goodies to help empower others:



Brides for a cause– Portland, OR : 50% of their wedding gown sales via their Road Shows/Warehouse support Wish Upon a Wedding. Find out where they will end up next here.





 Bark Bridal Boutique– Atlanta, GA: A portion of every sale is donated to animal rescue groups in Georgia. Also, they are right across the street from the Atlanta Humane Society, so you might as well walk over and become a furever home to one lucky pup or kitty!





  Bridal Garden, NYC  – The BridalGarden is the only not-for-profit bridal boutique in New York City, with donated designer wedding gowns discounted up to 75% off the original retail price.  Most dresses are samples, overstock, and once-worn; a majority of the gowns are donated by designers, stores, and brides

Since its inception, The Bridal Garden has created a network that has provided thousands of children and their families with both opportunities and support through education and child care; group and family day care programs; SACS Therapeutic nurseries and integrative classroom programs; early childhood learning centers and after school programs.

The Brides Project– Ann Arbor, Michigan: An upscale/resale wedding dress boutique supporting cancer survivors in the Ann Arbor area, one dress at a time!


Brides+across+americaBrides Across America, Maryland: Brides Across America plays a role in making engaged military couples dreams come true by giving a military bride a free wedding gown during a Brides Across America’s Nationwide Gown Giveaway, held twice a year across the nation. Apply to receive a dress, or donate your gown here.


Now that you are fully equipped to donate your wedding dress, go ahead and give yourself a premature pat on the back for being super awesome and granting your gown the opportunity to impact so many more love stories, that go beyond your special day and impacts others! Find out more ways to use your wedding to impact others at and follow us on Instagram too!



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