I worked for my husband as a personal assistant for 4 months before an emergency business trip.

We went to China and I fell in love with the “idea” of him not knowing he was falling in love with me at the same time. He proposed we spend our lives together on the plane back to the states after spending just 4 days together abroad .  We never had a wedding (because it’s not something we wanted) but we are also not stupid. We have a nuptial agreement. We changed our last names in court (after he MADE UP our new last name!)

My husband had (and still has) a very successful steel manufacturing company when I first met him.  His last name was Heitzman.  The name was given to him when he was adopted by his horrible step dad, so he had no emotional connection with his last name.  His father’s last name was Piazza, but because he left his mom & their 6 children when my husband was 4, he never liked that name either.  Seeing as my husband really wanted to have his future sons to carry his last name and his legacy, a last name was very important to him.  So he decided to make his last name that of his trade: steel.  But he didn’t want to be pretentious so we decided to put an “H” in there! Our last name is Stehl and it is pronounced “steel”.

After 7 years we have 3 children with one on the way. We’ve been separated once and have been to counseling twice. We both continue to choose each other and say I love you every day.

Hope you enjoyed my story!!



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