So many things to manage for a wedding, let the table numbers tell your guests a little about you. We’ve rounded up some great ideas that you can create or recycle!

We’ve got your number!

You want family together (or not!), and certain friends to be able to sit together, so you work up a seating chart for the reception. There are so many fun ways to communicate which table to sit at, while providing great decorations to the tables.

Wanting flowers on every table? You can easily tuck a number into the arrangement, either a real number or nice calligraphy card with the table number. Planning It All has some great rustic ideas.

table numbers

Give everyone something to talk about! Make tent cards for each table with pictures of the bride and groom growing up and overlay a number. This will give conversation starters for each table. A twist on this is to have pictures of the bride and groom at each age, example for table #1, pictures of the bride and groom when they were one. Something Turquoise shares her tips on this DIY project.

table numbers

Buy some small picture frames at your local dollar store or craft shop and spray paint them a color in your wedding theme. Buy some colored paper and insert the frames with the table number. Here gold frames were used with lettering, very beautiful!

table numbers

Purchase or make rounds of wood for a more rustic or outdoorsy look, and wood burn the table number and place on a stand or cut flat on the bottom so it stands up.

Who says table numbers have to be sequential, or even numbers?  Style Me Pretty shared table numbers with meanings, for a fun way to communicate table seating, without telling your family they are relegated to table #15.

table numbers

NolaGoatGirl shared her custom ceramic centerpieces on They selected some of their favorite things, making each table unique and certainly giving everyone something to talk about!

table numbers

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  1. Theresa_Bailey says:

    These are all so creative. I think the numbers with meanings would get a little confusing, lol. The sparkly number 8 is my favorite. I used framed numbers at our wedding.

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