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Wedding Planner's tips on Dazzling Details

Wedding Inspiration: How-To Use Glass Cylinders as Centerpieces

How many weddings have you been to where the centerpieces are three glass cylinders, all different heights, together in the middle of the table, complete with floating candles in each cylinder? Such a gorgeous look but perhaps overdone these days?  We love the look of the glass, especially when combined with candlelight and know there are […]

Dawn Roscoe Bouquet Inspiration

Bouquet Inspirations!

Now that I am back from my vacation, I wanted to start posting a little wedding inspiration from my past weddings. Today’s post is all about flowers and the creative arrangements from my wonderful brides. Pastels and pinks seem to have made a comeback and there was also some more simple arrangements like Amanda’s spring […]


Magical Winter Weddings

With the easy warm fall we just had and winter getting into full swing right now, this is the time when people planning winter weddings are getting going! If you’ve chosen to have a winter wedding I think you’ve made a great choice! There is something pretty magical about having a winter wedding. It’s as if the […]


Five Wedding Planning Tips – From a Wedding Photographer!

The Best Wedding Planning Tips From A Wedding Photographer Over the past year, I have been giving you photography advice about setting the stage for one of the most memorable events in your lifetime. In today’s post, I wanted to offer my overall wedding planning advice after experiencing over 250 weddings during my wedding photography career. […]

digital album

Are digital images or a printed album best for your Wedding Photos?

An important question to ask your wedding photographer is, “what will be the finished products I will get after my wedding day”? This is an awesome question because every photographer I know in Calgary runs their business differently and it is important to know and understand, not just what service the photographer offers you, but […]

Family Matters

The Myth of United Parenting

“United Parenting”…there are many parenting myths that float around a new couple like a bothersome swarm of flies. And like most parenting myths, I encourage you to swat them at the nearest opportunity. This particular one is called “united parenting”. The story around this myth goes something like this: for a couple to be successful […]