Travel Agent by Trade and a non-professional wedding/event planner by night, I like to offer advice and assist friends, family and those in need of wedding planning with information on how to keep organized, when to do things themselves and when to ask for help when it comes to planning their weddings. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, that is when you need to ask for help and seek the professional advise of a travel agent!

This is where the Do’s to planning a Destination Wedding come in handy!




  • Book your destination wedding with a certified travel agent – There are many destinations and resorts to choose from but your certified professional travel agent can advise which locations offer the best packages, pricing, upgrades etc and if any offer Free Wedding packages. They can also secure group discounts!
  • Choose a location that’s easy to get to – Make sure to arrange for transportation to get them to the venue or make sure it’s close enough to where they are staying. Some resorts have large properties and it can take time to get from one from to another.
  • Choose a package (or a planner) – A lot of destination resorts now offer Wedding Packages. Your Travel Agent can put you in contact with the on-site wedding planner who can help make your wedding day a success
  • Factor in the exchange rate – Choose a location where your dollar can be stretched keeping it less expensive for your guests to join you on your special day
  • Mail invites early and give guests extra notice – People need time to plan, save money and request time off from work for a destination wedding. Be sure to give as much notice as possible.
  • Something a little extra special for your guests – leave a Welcome Note and/or a little Welcome Gift. It let’s your guests know you are thankful they were able to join you on your special day
  • Check-out the “Back-up location” in case of bad weather (if an outdoor wedding) – Often the “back-up” location is not as nice as the actual ceremony location. It’s important to know what the alternate options are in case of rain or bad weather and plan accordingly.
  • Remember that Less can sometimes be more – Sometimes the simplest of décor, food and attire can go a long way in a beautiful and elegant destination wedding. Use the natural beauty of the location.
  • Arrive a couple days in advance of the ceremony – Arrive early, meet with the wedding coordinator, photographer, and hair-stylist/mark-up artist and get all the last-minute items tied up so that you’re not rushing around the day of your wedding.

…….The Don’ts to Destination Wedding Planning and further advise to follow next month.

Krista Tovell

HELLO…My Name is Krista Tovell and travel is in my blood. If i am not the one having an adventure or trip of a lifetime, I want to live through you! I am going to ensure that every aspect of your vacation is covered and that it goes off without a hitch! From arrival to departure, I’ll attend to your travel needs so that your trip goes smoothly! Whether you are traveling to South Africa, Great Britain, Canada, or anyplace else, I want to be the one to plan your luxury safari tour, rail vacation, or motor coach tour. I can also personalize your travel itinerary to fit your travel needs and budget. I have personally traveled across Canada by Plane, Train, Automobile and Motorcoach. I have been to Great Britain on multiple occasions and I recently spent 14 days in South Africa doing site inspections of the safari camps, city hotels, tour operators, and terrain.

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