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Don’t let a wrinkle in your dress put a wrinkle in your special day!

Are you worried or feeling stressed about travelling with your wedding dress to your wedding destination? You don’t have to be! Follow these simple tips to pack and travel with your dress like a pro.

  1. Carry it onboard. Do not check the wedding dress and risk the stress of delayed or lost luggage. Carry it onboard and let the flight attendants know what it is. Sometimes there are closets onboard and they may be able to put it there for you. And if not, they may be able to find you a bin that is not full so it can lay flat
  2. Protect your Dress. Reduce the wrinkles by stuffing the bodice and the layers of the dress with acid-free tissue paper. Then put the gown in a dry-cleaning bag before placing it in the garment bag for an added layer of protection
  3. Choose a Travel Friendly Fabric. Comfortable, lightweight and wrinkle resistant fabrics are best. Chiffon, Silk Charmeuse and lace are some of the best fabrics for transporting dresses over a long distance. Satin is more likely to wrinkle, is heavier, and requires more attention and care.
  4. Advise your Bridal Salon. If you advise the bridal salon that you are not being married locally, they may be able to pack the dress for you so that it is easier to travel with and is less likely to wrinkle. If they aren’t willing to pack it for you, they may be willing to give you a cardboard cut-out for the bodice.
  5. Advise your venue. Arrange for an iron, steamer, seamstress, or dry cleaning in advance to make sure that your dress is ready for your big day!

Talk to your Travel Professional for more tips and tricks on travelling with your wedding dress and other ideas for planning your special day!

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