After you’ve decided on a Destination Wedding, choosing your resort will be the next biggest decision you face and it’s important you consider all ages of the guests that will attend and what their specific needs are.

If you have children, are marrying into a family with children, or have family members that have young children and you either want them to attend or be in the wedding party, then you want to make sure you consider all aspects of the resort.

Pay attention to what they have to offer to keep the kids entertained and still allow you to have your special time together as a couple. If children are going to be involved, either your own, your fiancé’s or your guests, be sure to talk to your wedding planner to see what’s possible. Each property can often add it’s own unique twist.


Resort Kids Clubs are a great way to entertain the little ones while giving the parents time for some rest and relaxation. Amenities and kids clubs differ from resort to resort so do your homework (or better yet – have your travel agent do the research for you), and make sure that the programs they offer and the age group they start at. For example, some resorts accept children as young as 3 months, others not until they are 3 years.

Kids clubs come in many styles and most offer full day activities, half day activities, discover programs, scavenger hunts etc and most child friendly resorts have kids pools with waterslides and splash pads.

Some of my favourite, family friendly, destination wedding resorts are listed below. Some even offer Free Wedding Packages!

Beaches Resorts
Memories Resorts
Starfish Resorts
Melia Resorts

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