If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’ve probably already considered what resort you will be staying at, how many rooms you will need, the location of the ceremony and the inclusions in your wedding package.  What you may not have considered are the less thought of but still equally important items that can easily be overlooked.

  1. Be sure to ask the resort about other events taking place that weekend: There are likely other weddings or events occurring at the same time but there could also be conferences or local celebrations that may interfere with the beautiful backdrop of your ceremony, the photographs you have planned, or the intimate feeling of the resort you were hoping for.Beach-wedding-decorations1
  2. Plan events for the entire weekend, not just the wedding itself: Attendees, although on vacation, are there for you!  Plan activities throughout the duration of their stay to keep them engaged such as a scavenger hunt, family games night, pool parties, or a day trip to the city/town for some local shopping and eating.
  3. Create a Pinterest board to easily share your vision: Unfortunately not everyone will be able to attend your wedding, however, this won’t stop people from putting in their two cents to how you should celebrate your special day.  By creating a Pinterest board and sharing it with friends and family, it allows them to not only see your vision, but also to contribute their suggestions as well.
  4. Create a Wedding WebpageMany travel agencies have the ability to create your own wedding webpage where you can invite your guests to book their travel, book pre-selected tours and excursions of your choice, and put money towards your vacation/honeymoon.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with your guests and it also keep up to date on who’s attending your wedding.
  5. Create a Private Facebook Page: Allow friends and family who will be unable to attend the wedding to be a part of your special day.  Create a private facebook page that you can share where your guests and photographer can post photos on your special day and those who are unable to attend can send you words of congratulations.
  6. Let the Professionals be Professionals: It’s your special day, so although your travel agent can make all the arrangements for you (with your input), it’s best to have them put in contact with the resort coordinator so you can make all the plans and arrangements yourself.  Let the travel agent book the travel and the wedding planner help you plan the wedding.



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