What makes a great ceremony space for a wedding? Ambiance, character, personality and color all contribute to creating a space that speaks to individual style and adds intimate touches to any wedding ceremony. The ceremony location can be romantic, fun, colorful, white, airy or architectural. Each venue has it’s own aura and characteristics that make every space special. When choosing a ceremony space, another consideration is any photography restrictions that are enforced by the venue or officiant. Unrestricted photography access in and around the space allows your photographer to capture all the great moments during the ceremony while also photographing the entire space that each couple has created. If you want images with different angles and close-up reactions during your ceremony, making sure the venue allows your photographer to move around the space is very important. Below are some of my favorite ceremony venues in and outside of Chicago that give couples’ a unique setting for any type of ceremony.

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A warehouse space full of vintage furniture and chandeliers is one of my favorite spots for weddings. This space is perfect for couples’ who love historical artifacts and want a cozy, romantic space. Image taken at Salvage One, Chicago, IL.

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Silk Mandap with colorful orange and purple accents create a rich, textural space for a traditional Indian wedding. This draping concept can also be used for an elegant ceremony atrium or covering. Image taken at Chicago Illuminating Company, Chicago, IL.

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An open-air loft space is wonderful for couples who love more of an urban, industrial feel. Lofted venues are great for vintage, rustic or romantic style weddings and are wonderful for couples’ who love brick walls, huge ceilings and whimsy décor.  Image taken at Architectural Artifacts, Chicago, IL.

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A great cathedral with gorgeous stained glass windows is always a lovely space for a modern church wedding. This church is an “all denominational” chapel which means that all religions are welcomed and there are very little photography restrictions. Liberal churches are very meaningful for couples’ who want to celebrate or combine their religious traditions in a beautiful architectural space.  Image taken at Alice Millar Chapel in Evanston, IL.

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Outdoor spaces are super popular in Chicago, and the one space that couples’ want the most, is a space that showcases the skyline. An outdoor, city venue is geared toward the couple who love architecture or any cityscape. This space is right along Lake Michigan which gave the whole ceremony space a relaxing and scenic backdrop. Image taken at Adler Planetarium, Chicago, IL.


Dawn Roscoe

Dawn Roscoe has a love for art, photography, film, fashion and detail which lead to her career as a wedding photographer in Chicago. She enjoys telling your personal story and unique story. Her professional and personal work involve both film and digital mediums. With over 10 years experience shooting weddings and 7 years of photographing weddings under her own company, Dawn's goal is to provide her clients with timeless and modern images, with some artistic, spontaneous fun!

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