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Is it okay to have an alcohol-free wedding?

The thought of attending a wedding without alcohol might make some people cringe but for me, I don’t really care. I’ve been to enough weddings and have seen it all. I’ve seen invoices where the drink tab is higher than the meals at the wedding. I’ve also seen seven alcoholic drinks on the entire wedding reception drink tab. When asked if it’s ok to have an alcohol-free wedding, I find it tricky to answer. As it depends on who is asking the question. Here any my answers to these specific people.


Most guests invited to a wedding expect alcohol at the wedding reception. Not only that, they expect it to be free and there to be an abundance of it. As a guest, wondering about an alcohol-free wedding, I would tell them it is the bride and groom’s decision as it is their day and they shouldn’t expect anything. Just because all the other weddings have alcohol, it doesn’t mean this one will too. Best to drink at the after party if there is one or drink at your own after party. Whatever you decide, resist from bringing your own alcohol and smuggling it in. That is is disrespectful to the bride and groom.


Pretty much the same as above, don’t have expectations. If you are part of the wedding party, you likely had tons of opportunities to celebrate with the bride and groom and with alcohol. If you didn’t, you are likely close enough to know why the bride and groom decided not to have alcohol at their wedding. Respect their wishes and have their backs. That is what a wedding party does.


If it is really concerning you, then ask the bride and groom what the reasons are. If it is a financial one and they would rather save that money and put it towards a down payment on a home, let that be their decision. If you are financially capable to help out, you can definitely offer to pay for all the drinks at the wedding reception. Just do it tactfully and not expect to be paid back afterwards. Because if it has to be paid back, they are not saving anything towards their down payment.


So you made the decision not to serve alcohol and are now wondering if it is acceptable or whether you will get some backlash. Whatever your reason, own it and stand by it. Don’t let anyone sway you away from this decision or pressure you into spending money you don’t want to spend. This is your day, it can be as alcohol free as you want.


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